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Old 03-31-2011, 01:29 AM
bolson7117 bolson7117 is offline
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privet ISP turned me off

hey guys i would like to get your 2 cents on this matter.

Our power company is getting internet from a local ISP. Using a Canopy radio network. I get around 6 down and 1 up for the most part. When it was installed i never singed an agreement or anything. They just had a guy come out and put up the dish.

Everything has been working fine for about 1 year. Last night we did a update for some CSR software that would later get pushed to the client computers, all local computers and 2 vpn sites (30mb file) with 1 computer on each. So the next day our internet stops working. I get a call telling me they shut off my internet because i was using to much bandwidth. I'm the only tech guy in that place so i would know if things like torrents were being used ex. What bothers me is they could not tell me one thing about were or what those packets were going to or coming from all they know is its coming from my external IP. They told me it was lasting for 5 hours or so and they were getting complaints from other customers that there internet was slow. On top of that they told me they had another problem at a remote site in another town and they could not turn me on until the tech returned.

This all seems very very fishy, i would guess that as long as I'm not trying to work the system it should not matter how long or how much im using at one time. There would be a limit im guessing on the MAX speed i can use?

So after looking at wireshark and our firewall logs the only thing i can narrow it down to was the server was pushing this update when the computers were turned on the next morning. and all they noticed was they see lots of packets coming from my ip so they don't know what to do and just turn me off.

This probably makes no seance im just very very frustrated.

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Old 03-31-2011, 01:52 PM
ua549 ua549 is offline
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Check the ISP's acceptable use policy. Many have a bandwidth cap and language about disruption of other users. Because the radio bandwidth is shared between all users it is quite possible that your roll out did bring the network to its knees. You didn't say how many client computers were having a 30MB file pushed to them. Considering protocol overhead, error correction, etc. the actual data transfer rate will be less than a third of the physical transfer rate which will be less than the signalling speed of 1 Mb you specified.
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