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Storage News

Storage Arrays Critical to vSphere 4.1 Enhancements - July 15, 2010
A host of new storage features are some of the many enhancements in vSphere 4.1. The refresh brings storage hardware acceleration to the company's virtualization platform. [more from Storage News...]

CTERA Brings Data Security to Linux File Systems - June 10, 2010
CTERA's Next3 open source file system builds on the Ext3 file system, providing thin-volume snapshots and point-in-time recovery, change auditing and retention of previous file versions. [more from Storage News...]

Storage Technologies of the Future Look to Private Cloud - May 12, 2010
EMC CEO says private clouds are the future for both storage technologies and data centers. [more from Storage News...]

Microsoft Outsources Internal IT to Indian Firm - April 14, 2010
By Stuart J. Johnston
Infosys, a global outsourcer of IT functions that is almost as old as Microsoft itself, announced it will take over many of the software firm's IT functions on a worldwide basis. [more from Networking News...]

Data Storage Companies Top Latest Forbes List - April 7, 2010
Several data storage companies ranked high on Forbes magazine's annual list of the fastest-growing tech companies. [more from Storage News...]

EMC to Merge Storage Arrays - March 31, 2010
EMC may be converging the technology in its storage-area networks and network-attached storage products [more from Storage News...]

Dell Ready to Resell EMC Deduplication, Unveils Object Storage System - March 25, 2010
Dell deepens its relationship with EMC to include deduplication systems. It also unveils a system for storing unstructured data [more from Storage News...]

Continuity Software Offers Way to Ensure Disaster Recovery Preparedness - February 10, 2010
Disaster recovery monitoring software from Continuity is designed to be the closest thing to extensive DR testing. [more from Storage News...]

The Expanding Ecosystem of Dedupe Options - January 20, 2010
Nexsan and FalconStor have partnered on a dedupe appliance, while Quantum moves its technology to primary storage. [more from Storage News...]

Storage Features

Building a Private Cloud at Los Alamos - September 22, 2010
By Drew Robb
A private cloud computing deployment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory provides streamlined operations. [more from Storage...]

10 Storage Takeaways From VMworld - September 15, 2010
By Drew Robb
Storage was everywhere at VMware's annual trade show. Here are the 10 key observations that hint at storage's future. [more from Storage Features...]

5 Free and Open NAS Servers to Check Out - August 25, 2010
When it's time to consider a NAS server, consider one of these. [more from Storage Features...]

10 Most Important Storage Acquisitions of 2010 - August 18, 2010
The year is nowhere near over, but there have already been more than 15 storage company acquisitions. Which 10 are the most significant? [more from Storage Features...]

Data Compression vs. Deduplication - August 11, 2010
By Drew Robb
Just because deduplication gets all the attention doesn't mean data compression lacks merit. Nor should data compression be overlooked when evaluating storage technologies. [more from Storage Features...]

FCoE -- the Glue That Holds Networking and Storage Together - July 27, 2010
By Drew Robb
Networking and storage continue to converge, with FCoE bringing them ever closer. Some firms even claim 10GbE Ethernet is helping drive the growth of cloud computing. [more from Storage Features...]

10 Cool Data Storage Startups - June 30, 2010
It wasn't long ago that data storage startups were everywhere. Now, with budgets tightened, startups are scarce. Here are 10 data storage companies whose products are bucking the trend. [more from Storage Features...]

Financial Giant Uses Deduplication to Reduce Virtual Storage Costs - June 23, 2010
By Drew Robb
Virtualization's dirty little secret is that it complicates, not simplifies, data backup issues. For SunGard Financial Services, dedupe is the solution to this problem. [more from Storage Features...]

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