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Cloud Computing With Less Security Risk

June 29, 2010

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Security issues are oftentimes what stops companies from moving their data to the cloud. Asking key questions and trusting your intuition goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of security issues cropping up. ServerWatch looks at what answers you should be looking for.

"My company's data is much too sensitive to be stored in the cloud."

That's probably the most common justification you'll hear for not considering switching from applications run in the corporate data center to ones managed by a service provider and run in the cloud. The implication is that if you move your data to cloud storage, you will lose control over it and it will therefore be less secure.

Yet the potential benefits of cloud computing are well known -- they include

  • Lower capital outlays
  • Fixed, known monthly costs
  • Scalability
  • Low management overhead
  • Immediate access to technology

Read the rest of "Cloud Computing With Less Security Risk" on ServerWatch

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