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Security News

Google Boosts App Security for the Cloud - September 21, 2010
By David Needle
Google aims to make its cloud a safer place with the release of a free two-factor authentication feature.

Symantec Warns of New Security Breach - August 16, 2010
Symantec reports a new attack contains information-stealing malware hidden in attachments that masquerading as resumes, photos and sales leads.

Security Vulnerabilities Prove Increasingly Costly - July 29, 2010
Crime may not pay, but cybercrime carries a high cost, and security vulnerabilities are on the rise.

IPS Market Approaches $1 Billion - July 22, 2010
Demand for intrusion prevention systems continues to rise, pushing the market close to the $1 billion mark and vendors jockeying for position.

U.S. Named Top Spammer - July 21, 2010
Sophos' latest 'Dirty Dozen' list of top spam-relaying countries is out. The U.S. takes the top spot, with India and the U.K. nipping at its heels.

Microsoft Makes Privacy in the Cloud a Priority - June 21, 2010
At the CFP conference last week, Microsoft's chief privacy strategist told attendees the company is committed to protecting and ensuring accountability for user information in the cloud.

Serious Security Vulnerability in Found Windows XP - June 14, 2010
By Stuart J. Johnston
Is your enterprise still using the most popular version of Windows? With the latest security vulnerability, there's no better time than now to consider making an upgrade or switch.

CTERA Brings Data Security to Linux File Systems - June 10, 2010
CTERA's Next3 open source file system builds on the Ext3 file system, providing thin-volume snapshots and point-in-time recovery, change auditing and retention of previous file versions.

Malware Making It Big in Central, South America - May 24, 2010
Zscaler's latest Internet security report finds Web servers hosted in South America harbor a much higher ratio of malware-infected servers than other regions.

Security Heads for the Cloud - May 17, 2010
Verizon Business recently rolled out a new security-as-a-service portfolio it says will make it easier and less expensive for enterprise customers to log into corporate networks, share data from mobile devices and enable real-time provisioning from a central location.

Banks Can Now Recover Security Breach Costs - April 5, 2010
A new law in Washington allows banks to recoup losses from data breaches.

How Do Virtual Servers Impact Data Center Security? - March 22, 2010
When it comes to virtual servers vs. physical, which brings greater data center security? A recently released report from Gartner weighs in.

IBM, No. 1 in Privacy Security Practices - March 15, 2010
A recent survey ranks IBM as the most trusted IT company for its security practices related to privacy

Security Breaches Plagued Enterprises Worldwide in 2009 - March 1, 2010
Symantec's 'State of Enterprise Security' report found 100 percent of enterprises surveyed experienced some sort of security breach last year.

Microsoft Warns of Decades Old Windows Bug - January 25, 2010
Microsoft acknowledged a 17-year-old hole in Windows that could be used to take over a user's system. Who's at risk from this virtual DOS vulnerability?

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