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Storage Features

Survey Reveals Churn in Server OS Market - March 14, 2011
By Drew Robb
Whether Windows or Linux holds the upper hand is largely a matter of how you spin the numbers. Either way, the x86 platform has become mightily dominant.

Disk vs. Tape Storage: Is Tape Cheaper and Better? - February 28, 2011
By Drew Robb
The tape storage market is flat or in decline, yet tape proponents claim tape offers a lower cost solution than disk storage.

Dedupe Evolves, EMC-Style - February 15, 2011
By Drew Robb
Deduplication is big business, and EMC’s latest moves are aimed at grabbing a bigger piece of the market.

Green IT News: the Green Data Center - February 3, 2011
By Terrance Lau
The top Green IT news in early February features developments in the energy-efficient data center.

Virtualization, Storage Closely Linked - December 10, 2010
By Chris Evans
As virtualization continues to gain adoption, it retains its very close relationship with storage.

Choosing a Desktop Virtualization Solution - November 17, 2010
By Serdar Yegulalp
An overview of the desktop virtualization sector: is there one solution that best fits your needs?

How to Cut Data Storage Costs - November 12, 2010
By Drew Robb
Storage is a necessary expense, but there are a number of ways to trim your data warehousing costs.

Solutions for SSD Performance Loss - November 11, 2010
By Jeff Layton
Solid state drives lose performance capabilities over time, yet proper techniques and a few smart fixes can help lower the degradation.

Newman on Data Storage: The Limits of Hardware - November 3, 2010
By Henry Newman
Data storage is still limited -- remarkably -- by the physical constraints of storage hardware. Henry Newman compares today with year's past in the data storage industry.

The Perils of Cache Management - October 27, 2010
By Henry Newman
Plenty of storage sellers tout their appliances' capabilities with Flash cache, yet cache management is trickier than it seems.

Windows 7 Enterprise Deployments to Surge? - October 7, 2010
By Stuart J. Johnston
As the upgrade cycle for aging PCs kicks in during 2011, a research firm sees a corresponding increase in Windows 7 deployments.

Making Dedupe Faster - October 6, 2010
By Drew Robb
Boost, an upgrade to Data Domain deduplication, moves the bulk of the work from the target device upstream to the backup media server, increasing efficiency.

Building a Private Cloud at Los Alamos - September 22, 2010
By Drew Robb
A private cloud computing deployment at the Los Alamos National Laboratory provides streamlined operations.

10 Storage Takeaways From VMworld - September 15, 2010
By Drew Robb
Storage was everywhere at VMware's annual trade show. Here are the 10 key observations that hint at storage's future.

5 Free and Open NAS Servers to Check Out - August 25, 2010
When it's time to consider a NAS server, consider one of these.

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