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Special Reports

Special Report on Review Roundup
JupiterWeb's tehnology reviews gathered for your convenience.

Sun Server Packs a Punch
[August 2, 2007] Review Roundup: Brimming with 16 processor cores, the Sun Fire X4600 impresses. Also, Samsung Q1 ultraportable, Ultra Products' 1,000W power supply and network management with The Dude.

NAS Dips Ever Lower
[May 17, 2007] Review Roundup: Iomega keeps lowering the barriers to NAS for small and home office geeks while pumping up the specs. Also, FrontPage's successor, IBM's entry-level x3250 server and the latest digicams.

Secure Data on the Go
[April 19, 2007] Review Roundup: Wary about carrying files on an easy-to-pilfer USB flash drive? Rest easy; Kingston wraps your data with encryption and a shell that can take a lickin'. Also, a look at Sun Java Web Server 7.0; enjoying mobile e-mail goodness with the BlackBerry 8800; and HP's newest iPAQ goes a-navigating.

Google Mini Grows Up
[March 30, 2007] Review Roundup: Google Mini takes on some talents from its higher priced search appliance kin. Also: Alienware's blazingly-fast desktop replacement with a stunning view; Logitech's latest stab at stylish keyboards; and Nokia's N800 Internet Tablet hands-on.

HP Gets Touchy
[March 1, 2007] Review Roundup: HP's TouchSmart IQ77 encourages users to let their fingers do the walking - all over its screen. Also, some quality time with AMD's Athlon 64 X2 6000+; surfing untethered with SMC’s wireless N router; and in a review that may infuriate Palm die-hards, PDA Street explores Palm emulation on Windows Mobile via StyleTap.

Power Supplies Go Green
[February 15, 2007] Review Roundup: Antec gives the green movement a nod with its new EarthWatts power supply. Plus, a Dell portable with performance to spare; Samsung's Blackjack makes a splash in the increasingly crowded smartphone waters; and D-Link hopes users be "Xtreme"-ly impressed with the wireless N and Gigabit Ethernet smarts in its latest home router.

Workgroup Server Sheds Workhorse Image
[February 1, 2007] Review Roundup: IBM's latest workgroup server inherits features from its upper crust kin to the benefit of small businesses. Also, "sling"-ing digital media to Windows Mobile devices, Skype v.3, Logitech's latest cordless desktop and a trio of feature-laden digicams.

HD DVD to Go
[January 11, 2007] Review Roundup: Toshiba unleashes a portable multimedia powerhouse, complete with HD-DVD playback. Also: A look at Dell's Core 2 Duo-equipped OptiPlex 745 business machine; putting Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor through its paces and spending some quality time with the baby Treo.

Tiny Form Factor, Big Performance
[November 30, 2006] Review Roundup: HardwareCentral takes Shuttle's tiniest PC for a spin. Mac Mini, look out! Also, a Toughbook for tough times, Logitech's flywheel mouse, plus mobile messaging (and more) with BlackBerry's treasured Pearl.

Notebooks from Cow Box Land
[August 24, 2006] Review Roundup: A pair of portables offer a glimpse at Gateway's ambitions for the notebook market. Also, a look at IBM's x3400 server, some Draft-N wireless goodness from D-Link and smartphoning with Motorola's RAZR-sharp Q.

All Hail Core 2 Duo
[July 27, 2006] Review Roundup: The processor wars has a new victor, but who's the real winner? The IT buyer! Also: two new digicam reviews, a wireless camera to keep an eye on things from afar, and a cheap way of getting into the SFF scene.

Post-IBM, ThinkPad Still Wows
[July 13, 2006] Review Roundup: The iconic IBM logo may have been displaced, but ThinkPad's world-class engineering lives on.

NAS Homebound
[June 15, 2006] Review Roundup: Linksys brings NAS-like functionality to the humble abode, but with some drawbacks. Also, freeware zero-configuration VPN software, Google Earth on Linux, HP laptops, and smartphones aplenty.

Mid-range Drive Match-up
[May 18, 2006] Review Roundup: Which drive manufacturer takes the prize in the ultimate price/performance tug-of-war? Also, network tools, playing well with VoIP, cordless mice and a Web-based, on-the-road productivity suite.

Big Storage in Small Packages
[May 4, 2006] Review Roundup: Two new products make it easy for the smallest of enterprises to host files on their networks and back up their data. Also, tiny yet stylish system cases, a handy collection of networking utilities, some time with the Samsung SCH-a950 V Cast phone, and three new digicams just in time for shutterbug season.

Home Wiring Pulls Double Duty
[April 13, 2006] Review Roundup: Somehow, stringing CAT5 across your living room lacks the same allure as it does in the server room. Netgear's XE104 promises 85 Mbps through your home's electrical wiring.

Beyond Built-in Firewalls
[March 30, 2006] Review Roundup: A new breed of router battles more threats than a firewall alone can handle. Also: supercharged wireless routers, taking your office online (not that Office, yet), memory and GPUs, peering through the Olympus SP-700's mammoth display and better backup is just a download away.

Putting StarOffice 8 Through Its Paces
[March 16, 2006] Review Roundup: How does StarOffice 8 stack up? Only a day at the office can answer that. Also: Network Magic, PC Inspector File Recovery, EVGA 7600GT CO 'Superclocked Edition', Casio Exilim EX-Z120 and Google Talk for BlackBerry.

Combo Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Adapter, 'OneTouch' Backup
[March 2, 2006] Review Roundup: Lacking Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? Fret no more! Also, SMB-friendly NAS appliances, dead simple external backup, a Corel duo, Panasonic's DMC-FX01 digicam and more.

Affordable Terabyte NAS, IE7 Beta 2
[February 17, 2006] Review Round-up: A look at Buffalo's small biz NAS appliance and what IE7 has in store. Plus more recent reviews from JupiterWeb.