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Win Scripts

Delete Temp Files and Folders
Deletes files and folders recursively from a defined root folder.

Backup and Clear Event Logs
Back up and save your app and sys event logs, based on a list of servers.

Enumerate Active Directory Group Members
Script will enumerate group members, based on an Active Directory group name.

Mapping Drives
Just as the title describes, use this script to map drives over a network.

Create a Record in DNS from a TXT File
Quick and easy method of adding DNS records using a text file as input.

Right-Click Command Prompt
Add a "command prompt here" entry to right-click context menu.

Enable DHCP on NIC
Quickly enables DHCP on your NIC and determine its success.

Configure Static IP Address
Quickly set up a static IP address with this script.

Move Computer Object to a Specified OU
A BAT file that moves a computer from CN=COMPUTERS to ANOTHER that you specify in a VBS file.

Exchange Server Global Message Filters (spam blocking).

Enumerate Security Event Log for Event Code 529 (Unknown user/bad pwd)
Find failed logon attempts quickly.

Set 'Change Password' Flag in AD
Set 'change password' flag in Active Directory.

Enumerate NT Services in a System
Enumerate the NT Services installed in asystem using the Win32 API EnumServicesStatus.

New Groups in AD
Create new groups in an Active Directory infrastructure.

Script to enable/disable Caps Lock
apCslock turns on and off the keyboard CAPS.

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