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Sms Scripts

Script for an Unattended WinZip Uninstall
A small batch file that will allow you to perform an unattended uninstall of the WinZip application (in other words, no user prompts during the uninstall).

Script for Remote Removal of SMS 2.0 Clients
I have modified the SMS 2.0 Support Tools client removal script so that it can be run from one machine and can be used to remove SMS clients from any number of machines remotely.

SMSLS.BAT File Converted to KIX Script
A script designed for KIX to allow you to execute batch files.

SMS Script for Creating SMS Advertisements
A simple DHTML page that uses ADO to pull the necessary information directly from SQL tables (much quicker), and allows you to set up a simple advertisement without going through multiple wizard pages.

SMS Script for Operating System Detection
A script used to detect the operating system of a user's computer.

Script for Changing the Local Administrator Password
A script that uses the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tool Cusrmgr.exe to change the Local Administrator Password.

Script for Remote Synchronization of Workstation's Time with PDC
A small batch file that allows the administrator to remotely synchronize a workstation's time with the PDC (as the defualt domain user doesn't have the right to sync the time of the PC).

Script for Obtaining Local Administrator Names
Obtains the names of the members of the Local Administrators group on each PC.

KillProfiles Script Version 2.0
A functional script that but not delete all the non-essential profiles (i.e. keep the last logged on or the current user's profile)

Script for Changing the IE Start Page
Reads a registry setting for the starting page of Internet Explorer and then change the home page if it does not match the script's URL

SMS Message Send Script
A graphical interface for sending one message to up to 6 IDs.

Interface for Installations SMS Script
This SMS script serves as an installation wizard, offering a simple graphical interface for software installations.

SMS Graphical IP Toolset Script
Here's a script from James Igoe that presents a graphical interface for performing ping, tracert, and ipx route tasks.

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