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Special Reports

Special Report on IT Preparedness 101
Business survivability tutorials, features and news.

When the Internet Fails: Application Availability, SLAs, and Disaster Recovery Planning
[September 24, 2008] The unexpected, like a cut undersea cable, has a nasty habit of undermining your best laid capacity and disaster recovery plans. Marcia Gulesian explores how to best manage Internet unpredictability and its effects your SLAs.

When the Cloud Storms on You
[August 27, 2008] Will recent high profile outages halt cloud computing's rise or can enterprises learn to roll with the punches?

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning for the Database Administrator - Part 2
[August 22, 2008] Technological and managerial strategies to keep your databases up and running no matter what the outside world has in store for them.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning for the Database Administrator - Part 1
[August 13, 2008] The fundamentals of making databases an integral and manageable part of your disaster recovery planning.

SMB Disaster Recovery Insurance Plan
[July 31, 2008] masterIT bears the disaster recovery burden for "IT lite" Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance.

CDW: Telework Taking Off
[April 28, 2008] A report from the IT products reseller and services provider paints a picture of a business climate that's coming to terms with telecommuting. Security concerns still loom, however.

AT&T;: Disaster Planning Low Priority for Small Business
[January 9, 2008] A survey by Ma Bell says that business continuity and disaster recovery planning don't rank high on small business owners' to-do lists – and that its Remote Vault online data backup service can help rectify that.

Neverfail Lives Up to Its Name
[October 10, 2007] Knocked offline by hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency now keeps Microsoft Exchange up and running with help from Neverfail.

Storage Feels the Heat
[July 25, 2007] Kroll Ontrack says this is the season for storage misery and shares some tips for surviving the summer heat.

Backup Failure Costs State a Bundle
[March 23, 2007] A perfect storm of errors cost the Alaska Department of Revenue many months of data and more than $200,000 in recovery costs.

Database Backups Using Virtual Tape Volumes
[January 23, 2007] Slashing database restore times is just one of the tricks up virtual tape's sleeves.

Don't Let Backup Take a Backseat
[January 10, 2007] Storage experts offer tips on tuning your data center's backup processes to meet the demands of the modern enterprise.

Storage Built IBM Tough
[November 10, 2006] Big Blue unveils a midrange array built with natural disasters in mind.

VoIP and Business Continuity Go Hand in Hand
[October 3, 2006] A look at how VoIP can bolster disaster preparedness planning and Avaya's role in helping firms keep the lines of communication open.

Bare Metal Hot Backups of Virtual Machines
[September 26, 2006] Vizioncore's software guides admins at the murky intersection of virtualization and disaster recovery.

IT Changes Threaten Business Continuity
[September 6, 2006] A survey reveals a gap between existing power and cooling support and changing IT requirements.

Business Continuity on a Massive Scale
[August 30, 2006] One Canadian firm is thinking big, providing business continuity and disaster recovery services on a scale that goes beyond typical off-site backup and replication schemes.

Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory
[July 18, 2006] Book Review: One directory spells out many of the often-overlooked ingredients that go into ensuring your organization's survival in the face of disaster.

Disaster Recovery: Did you consider your branch offices?
[July 12, 2006] Securing headquarters is obviously important, but it shouldn't come at the expense of your prime revenue drivers. Here's a quick guide on developing a plan for locations that represent the first point of contact for your customers.

DR Over Distance: The Kashya Data Protection Platform
[April 4, 2006] Distance, both a blessing and the bane of disaster recovery sites, is no longer a factor thanks to a new breed of network appliance.

Proving Your Disaster Recovery Plan Works
[March 14, 2006] A four-step guide for demonstrating your company's readiness before a trial by fire (or flood or earthquake...).

Report: Disaster Recovery Remains Spotty
[February 10, 2006] Update: A report from Applied Research and Symantec reveals not every company has business continuity procedures in place.

Paper vs. Practice: Can you deliver what’s documented?
[November 28, 2005] Documented procedures should provide a technical and operational lifeline when things go wrong. But do they hold up when put to the test? A cautionary tale and some tips on avoiding missteps that can cost your business dearly.

After Katrina... Remapping Disaster Plans
[October 24, 2005] Hurricanes Katrina and Rita changed the landscape of disaster recovery. What did we learn from these savage storms? What will we do better to prepare for next time?

Business Survivability: Katrina’s Lessons for IT
[September 28, 2005] A little preparedness and a well-planned response can put your business on the path to recovering quickly from a disaster of any magnitude.

Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared?
[September 22, 2005] Recent events have emphasized the need for a solid disaster recovery plan. Jerry Hodgen delivers his recipe for preparing your business for the worst.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Backup Procedures
[March 18, 2005] From the average home user to the largest businesses, the best method to prevent a catastrophic loss of data is to institute a systematic backup policy. But no matter how many times you drill it into their heads, some never seem to listen...

HP Aims Disaster Recovery at the Midrange
[February 4, 2005] The systems vendor unveils software that protects both the server cluster and storage from outages.

Business, IT Execs Differ on Disaster Recovery Needs
[July 21, 2003] U.S. business and technology executives express strikingly different views on how safe they think their critical business data would be in the event of a disaster, according to a new survey by EMC/RoperASW.