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Special Reports

Special Report on IT and the Language of Business
One is versed in network protocols, the other in corporate strategy. Though differences abound, organizations that get their geeks and "suits" on the same page can profit from the best of both worlds.

The Winds of Change
[May 16, 2006] In a hyper competitive environment, businesses can ill afford to botch up infrastructure upgrades. For effective change management, it's time to get to know ITIL.

Worker Bees: An IT Resource in Plain Sight
[April 28, 2006] Feeling short handed? With IT departments shouldering big burdens these days, Mike Houghton turns conventional wisdom on its head and advocates letting tech-savvy users into the fold.

Storage Management Learns the Language of Business
[April 3, 2006] Creekpath Acuity helps techies get the most out of storage networks and make it apparent to the suits.

Make Way for Business Process Security
[March 23, 2006] Compliance threatens to splinter corporate security. How will it affect your IT department? More importantly, which direction will your career in security take?

Power Savings Benefit IT
[March 21, 2006] Newfound energy awareness has brought to the forefront another important aspect of IT management and it does more than just trim the electric bill.

AlterPoint Asserts Its DeviceAuthority
[March 16, 2006] Company's network change management software undergoes a refresh just as network change management catches the industry's eye.

Deployment Disasters: What Can You Do?
[September 27, 2005] A botched deployment is not only a waste of time and money, it can also throw your IT workforce into chaos. Sonny Discini offers a lesson in how to navigate this technical and political minefield.

Getting Back in Charge of Storage Purchasing
[May 10, 2004] Navigate the storage purchasing maze while staying in control, keeping your cool and getting exactly what your company needs.

Business, IT Execs Differ on Disaster Recovery Needs
[July 21, 2003] U.S. business and technology executives express strikingly different views on how safe they think their critical business data would be in the event of a disaster, according to a new survey by EMC/RoperASW.