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Developing iPhone/iPad Apps with MonoTouch - September 1, 2010
By Chris Bennett
Developing for the iPhone/iPad usually means you will need to learn Objective-C; however, with MonoTouch, we can leverage the Mono Framework and make it possible to create C# applications that run on the iOS platform. Come along as Chris Bennett demonstrates how to get started building iOS applications using MonoTouch.

Getting Started with Git - September 15, 2010
By Jason Gilmore
Learn how to use the Git version control solution to manage your project's source code with ease and agility.

Custom Zend Framework View Helpers - September 29, 2010
By Jason Gilmore
: This screencast shows viewers how to create a Zend Framework custom view helper, explaining how to configure, create, and execute a custom view helper within a Zend Framework application.

ASP.NET MVC Basics - October 23, 2009
By Jani Jarvinen
Jani Jdrvinen shows you how to develop your first ASP.NET MVC application and helps you understand the controller classes and view pages. Jani will also discuss the relation between action methods and views with this new technology.

Windows Advanced Search - October 23, 2009
By Jabez Gan Ming Teik
In this video, we offer tips for how to use Advance Search tools in Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

Develop Windows Services - October 23, 2009
By Dan Rigsby
Developing straight Windows Services doesn't allow for rich debugging by developers and often requires stopping the service, redeploying, etc. This video explores how to build Windows Services for a more rich development experience.

Create Custom Task Lists - October 23, 2009
By Garry Robinson
Create a Custom Task List in Microsoft SharePoint Designer

Work With Samba: Part III - October 23, 2009
By Charlie Schluting
In this video, you'll learn how to join a Samba server to an Active Directory domain.

Event Viewer Tips - October 23, 2009
By Jabez Gan Ming Teik
This Microsoft Windows Server 2008 video shows everything an administrator needs to know about Event Viewer.

ADO.Net Entity Framework - October 23, 2009
By Dan Rigsby
Utilize the "ADO.NET Entity Framework" to quickly and easilywork with your database, accessing your data in an objectoriented fashion.

Debugging using Visual C++ 2008 - October 23, 2009
By Kiran Thonse
In this video offering Kiran Thonse covers basic debugging tasks like setting breakpoints, stepping through code and watching variables using the Visual Studio IDE.

How to Back Up OCS 2007 - September 18, 2008
By Jabez Gan Ming Teik
In this video, we look at how to create a disaster recovery plan for Office Communications Server 2007.

WF SQL Tracking Service - November 14, 2008
By Jeffrey Juday
Learn how to incorporate the SQL Tracking Service into your WF development.

Syndication in .NET - October 23, 2009
By Dan Rigsby
In this video Dan Rigsby will demonstrate how to publish your content using built-in syndication support in .NET 3.5.

First Look at the Class Designer - June 4, 2008
By Bradley L. Jones
Discover how to visually create the code for your classes in your Visual Studio 2005 applications using the new Class Designer.

Intro to VSTS-DB Edition - August 3, 2009
By Jeffrey Juday
See how Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team System - Database Edition makes creating and using database functionality easy for .NET developers!

Data Binding to Forms Made Simple in .Net 2.0 - June 4, 2008
By Wei-Meng Lee
Creating a form that displays formatted information from a database is a matter of a few easy steps in .NET 2.0 using Visual Studio 2005

Work With Samba - Part II - October 8, 2008
By Charlie Schluting
This video looks at how to use some of Samba's advanced features such as recycle bins and DFS.

Simple WCF Services - August 13, 2008
By Dan Rigsby
After reviewing the basics of services, see how to create a simple service using Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

REST Support in WCF - September 25, 2008
By Dan Rigsby
Adding REST support to your Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications has become very easy. Discover how to add it to both your forms-based and your web-based solutions. X

Generating and Analyzing Crash Dumps - June 4, 2008
By Vipin Aravind
Learn the steps required to generate and analyze application crash dumps using Visual C++.

Dates & Times in .NET 3.5 - August 27, 2008
By Dan Rigsby
.NET 3.5 added additional features for working with dates and times. Such features make globalization or working across various time zones much easier.

Understanding REST - September 11, 2008
By Dan Rigsby
With the importance of Web Services, REST has become a critical topic to understand.

Command Interface - June 2, 2008
Sponsored Video
A look at the roles of the exec, enable and configuration modes when working with Cisco devices from a command line.

Cisco: Get to Know 'the config' - June 2, 2008
By Charlie Schluting
Learn how to save and back up your Cisco device configuration -- and why it's important to do so.

Working With Samba - August 7, 2008
By Charlie Schluting
This video looks at how to set up Samba in a stand-alone server configuration and test it from a Windows machine.

Introduction to BizTalk development - June 2, 2008
By Jeffrey Juday
Learn the basics of developing with Microsoft BizTalk 2005 R2.

Building Mobile Apps: No Pocket PC Required - June 4, 2008
By Bradley L. Jones
Watch and learn how to build your first mobile device application using Visual Studio 2005. No PocketPC required!

Social Bookmarking for the Enterprise - June 2, 2008
By Bill Hatfield
Discover how to programmatically use a social bookmarking service to share and index tagged information.

Cisco Command Line - June 2, 2008
By Charlie Schluting
In the first video in our series on interacting with Cisco devices via a command-line, we look at connecting via telnet and enabling SSH.

Developing for Operations Manager 2007 - June 2, 2008
By Jeffrey Juday
Using the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager Author Console learn how develop a management pack to accompany your application.

Intro to Databases - July 31, 2009
By Bill Hatfield
New to databases? Start by learning the basic terminology.

Introduction to Hyper-V - June 2, 2008
By Ryan Bass
Hyper-V is a key feature of Windows Server 2008. Learn the first step towards the benefits of virtualization.