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Special Reports

Special Report on Storage Management Essentials
IT pros needn't get overwhelmed ever-expanding storage systems. Discover the technologies and companies devoted to helping administrators conquer their data centers.

Tape Restore to Major Tom
[April 12, 2007] Don't take the risk of your files getting lost in space. A look at some of the tactics for keeping your backups within a comfortable orbit.

SAN Multipathing for All Your Points of Failure
[April 3, 2007] SAN's great and it spares system administrators a lot of headaches, but with five points of failure, you need multipathing to keep the support pages at bay.

Backup Failure Costs State a Bundle
[March 23, 2007] A perfect storm of errors cost the Alaska Department of Revenue many months of data and more than $200,000 in recovery costs.

Virtual Tape Library 101
[February 6, 2007] An introduction to the technology with the flexibility and performance of disk-based storage that is increasingly relegating tape to archival duty.

Database Backups Using Virtual Tape Volumes
[January 23, 2007] Slashing database restore times is just one of the tricks up virtual tape's sleeves.

Don't Let Backup Take a Backseat
[January 10, 2007] Storage experts offer tips on tuning your data center's backup processes to meet the demands of the modern enterprise.

Taking Storage Risks
[September 12, 2006] Sometimes it makes sense to gamble on new storage technologies, but there are ways to minimize your risks.

Simpler SRM
[May 9, 2006] Storage resource management hits its stride just as ballooning capacity and growing complexity push the limits of having to administer storage networks.

The Changing Nature of Storage Management
[July 18, 2005] The convergence of new technologies and trends is making for some interesting times for storage administrators.

ILM Be Damned
[May 19, 2005] Hype aside, the industry faces product lag and a cloudy, standards deficient future.

Data Life Cycle Management: Remember the End User
[May 10, 2005] Not all business critical data rests on servers, much of it resides on disaster-prone end user systems. Good luck getting them to back up their systems. The cure: a sound and economical data life cycle management strategy that lifts this burden from your rank-and-file workers.

OnTrack to Storage Admins: "Take Our Advice."
[June 2, 2004] Why would a company whose business hinges on recovering data from flaky servers and damaged drives give administrators pointers on doing a better job of safeguarding their data?

Super-Sizing Data Center SANs
[June 2, 2004] Tom Clark explores the potential issues that can arise with XXL-sized SANs and reveals several new technologies that can help storage managers achieve their objectives more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Environmental Monitoring - A Storage Essential
[October 24, 2003] Scorching temperatures with a chance of showers... In the datacenter, this forecast can spell disaster for your SAN. However, there are ways to keep your systems cool, dry and ready for anything.

Backup Emerging from the Shadow of Storage
[July 14, 2003] Storage Management Essentials: Is your organization on the ball when it comes to backing up your mission critical data? Drew Robb takes a look at how advances in backup technologies are changing the storage landscape and putting businesses on the path to resilient, easy-to-manage recovery systems.

A Dashboard Approach to Storage Management
[July 7, 2003] Storage Management Essentials: Drew Robb examines the factors in selecting a console to effectively manage increasingly complex and ever-growing networked storage environments.

Regaining Control of Storage Management
[June 16, 2003] In part two of Storage Management Essentials, Drew Robb examines how management portals can help tame an organization's growing storage infrastructure and offers a look into the future of self-managing systems.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Managing Information Overload in Storage Management
[June 2, 2003] Drew Robb kicks off the Storage Management Essentials series with a look at how administrators can keep from getting swept up in a flood of alerts and devote their resources to the ones that matter instead.