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Grow Your Own VPN: Setting Up and Configuring OpenVPN on a DD-WRT Router

August 12, 2010

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A VPN is an effective way to keep remote workers and branch offices as secure as those in HQ. A VPN server plays a major role in this architecture. The second installment of this two-part ServerWatch tutorial continues our examination of how to set up a VPN server, from stepping though how to enable the OpenVPN server and copy in SSL certificates, to configuring clients and testing.

Note: For OpenVPN server on DD-WRT router basics, return to Part 1.

This is the second installment of a two-part series on setting up the OpenVPN server on DD-WRT router firmware. This is a great way to set up secure connections to your network for road-warriors or to remotely connect offices. This a cost-effective solution can support a dozen or two VPN users.

In Part 1, we uploaded the DD-WRT firmware to the router, changed the router's IP and subnet for compatibly reasons, and created the SSL certificates for the OpenVPN server and clients.

Now, we'll continue by enabling the OpenVPN server and copying in the SSL certificates. We'll also input startup and firewall scripts. Then, we'll configure the clients and finally test it out.

Configure the OpenVPN Server

We can begin configuring the OpenVPN server on the DD-WRT router. Start by connecting to the router. Enter the new IP address ( into a web browser. Then enable and configure the server:

  1. Click Services > VPN.
  2. In the OpenVPN Daemon area, enable Start OpenVPN.
  3. For the Start Type, select WAN Up.
For the following boxes, enter the contents of the certificate file specified below:
  • Public Server Cert: ca.crt
  • Certificate Revoke List: (leave blank)
  • Public Client Cert: server.crt. Don't include first part of file. Similar to the others, start with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and end with -----END CERTIFICATE-----.
  • Private Client Key: server.key
  • DH PEM: dh1024.pem
  • OpenVPN Config: (see below)
  • OpenVPN TLS Auth: (leave blank)

Open each certificate file in Notepad to view the contents. Some files you can right-click, select Open With, and choose Notepad. Some you may have to Open and then choose Notepad as the program.

Read the rest of"Setting Up OpenVPN on a DD-WRT Router, Part 2" at ServerWatch

For OpenVPN server on DD-WRT router basics, be sure to check out Part 1.

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