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Latest Security Downloadable Entries
AtelierWeb Software. Launches applications with full administrator privileges. Nov. 22, 2010
Advanced Batch Converter
Gold-Software Development. Advanced Batch Converter - batch image conversion. Sep. 11, 2009
PC Track Eraser
MYPCCLEAN. PC Track Eraser - evidence eliminator Aug. 4, 2009
Advanced Privacy Eraser
MyPCSecurity. Protects your Internet privacy. Aug. 4, 2009
Windows Eraser
GOG Software. Erase online internet tracks and program activity with one click. Jul. 11, 2009
Break Email Password in Outlook
Disk recovery software. Software reveal outlook password unmask asterisks character authentication code May 11, 2009
Tracks Eraser Software
YL Tracks Eraser Software Team. Tracks Eraser Software - Erase all tracks of your Internet activity Apr. 3, 2009
NNS - Nigl Network Solutions. Tool for importing/exporting Active Directory objects. Can be used to perform Active Directory bulk changes. Feb. 17, 2009
Unify Enterprise
Ensim Corp. Collection of management tools for Windows infrastructure (A/D, Exchange, mobile devices) with templating, user self-service, delegation, etc. New Report Manager enables A/D reporting for compliance or maintenance. Dec. 16, 2008
Namescape Corp. Provides an application platform that allows for the creation of searchable and editable Active Directory-based catalogs. Now supports the identification of Writable Domain Controllers. Dec. 15, 2008
360 Degree Web, Ltd. Facial recognition access control shareware. Dec. 1, 2008
NETsec GmbH & Co. KG. Share information between Exchange organizations. Jul. 28, 2008
RSA SecurID Authentication
RSA Security Inc. Two factor authentication platform combines a central server, software agents, and hardware/software tokens. New features to include temporary capacity expansion, on-demand code delivery (SMS, E-mail) and native LDAP support. Apr. 9, 2008
ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS Server
XPerience Technologies. RADIUS server performs user-based authentication and accounting in wireless and wired networks. Dec. 26, 2007
Centrify Corp. Allows Windows administrators to extend Active Directory-based identity management to non-Windows environments, including UNIX and Linux. Now with Leopard support. Oct. 29, 2007
Sxip Access
Sxip Identity Corp. Allows for the extension of corporate (LDAP) directory-based user management and authentication to hosted ASP applications; i.e., allows admins to manage access to hosted apps via the corporate directory. Jun. 27, 2007
Rohos Logon Key
Teslain Ltd. Converts any USB drive into a security token for your computer. Jun. 8, 2007
Identity Finder
Velosecure LLC. Utility program finds and optionally shreds or encrypts personally identifiable information on Windows PCs. Feb. 14, 2007
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