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Special Reports

Special Report on Elsewhere in IT
Points of IT interest from JupiterWeb and across the Internet.

Samba Does NAS
[July 11, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Need a NAS box for your growing digital media collection at home? Samba and Fedora to the rescue. Also, creating intelligent, unattended scripts for Unix admins; free network inventory and monitoring; and has tape "WORN" out its welcome?

Wait for it... Enterprise 2.0
[June 20, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: And wait for it you will. Also, ridding Windows of spyware; Google Solar; and with all of the buzz surrounding virtualization, is anyone thinking about security?

Six Sigma Crushing Creativity?
[June 14, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: While rigid processes can squeeze out the profits, they can turn into the bane of business agility and the killer of corporate culture. Also, ten great network utilities; RAID basics; and is Sprint about to turn its back on WiMAX?

Google Sounds Off on Web Security
[May 24, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Google -- a company that knows a thing or two about the Web -- starts an online security blog. Also, brainstorming next-gen networks; make your devs happy with snappier performance under Subversion; and 101 keyboard shortcuts for a more productive.

Microsoft and Yahoo, Sitting in a Tree...
[May 9, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: While they continue to play coy, a union may be inevitable. Also, search beyond Google; IPv6 firewalling; and a networked Linux box for PDF generation.

Vista Complicates Forensics
[April 18, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Windows Vista may be more secure, but its new tricks could thwart attempts to get to the bottom of troublesome bugs or investigate wrongdoing. Plus, Google Maps hijinks; a tool to "decrapify" new PCs laden with unwanted software; and an idea that may make you violently ill: scrapping the Internet.

Weak Password Smackdown
[March 28, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: If you have users that still insist on weak passwords, reading one of the featured destinations this week will scare them straight. Also, open source Enterprise IT network monitoring, 20 Vista tips and bITa Planet examines some thorny issues surrounding server virtualization.

Virtualization: For Every Silver Lining, a Cloud
[March 21, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Server virtualization is picking up but don't go rushing in without knowing about the pitfalls, some of which are real show stoppers. Also: Vista's BitLocker vs. OS X's FileVault; how the NSA hardens its systems; and cheap dual-factor authentication.

What Not to Do
[February 28, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Want to flunk out as a network administrator? We'll point you to some tips that are sure to earn you a pink slip. Also, 100 other search engines should you want to venture beyond Google (scary, we know); a tangled tale of store-bought Wi-Fi routers; and a peek into what the Windows Vista Kernel has to offer.

Daylight Savings Trouble Imminent?
[February 14, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Soon, a Congress-approved change in Daylight Savings Time may make computer-based calendaring and scheduling a challenge for the unpatched. Y2K all over again? Also: a little Vista sniping, taken to task over Tor and a collection of not quite standard issue laptops.

Sneakernet = Cheap Data Transfer?
[February 8, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: Faced with hefty bandwidth bills is it smart to employ some decidedly old-school methods of shuttling massive amounts of data? Also, Bruce Schneier delves into The Psychology of Security; a look at Yahoo's Pipes service; and Wired condenses its eye-opening cybercrime series into a handy PDF.

IT Hoopla: Vista, DEMO and More
[January 31, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: It's a busy week for tech devotees. Vista is launched, DEMO gets underway and a riveting tale of a cybercrook working for the FBI makes the rounds.

In Sickness and in Health
[January 3, 2007] Elsewhere in IT: The happy union between your business and its customers can take a bad turn if your site is making them sick. Literally. Also, Microsoft's hacker-resistant defenses, useful sites and new software aimed at stopping buffer overflows on buggy apps while they run.

Season's Fleecings
[December 20, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Any hopes that security scares would wane as 2006 drew to a close were dashed this month. But there's hope in a new tool that exposes a phisher's easy prey. Also, more stolen IDs, a mainframe for the home, and a SAN primer courtesy of IBM.

A Big Ol' Waste of Time
[December 14, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Need to kill a few minutes? As always, the Internet comes to the rescue. Also, a Q&A; with Wiki creator Ward Cunningham, an at-a-glance view of your drive space, and networking speeds like you won't believe.

Check Your CD's Expiration Date
[December 6, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Remember when your CD and DVD backups were supposed to outlive you? Don't be alarmed, but it may be time to rethink your backup strategy. Also: improving LAMP security, keeping online threats at bay with the hosts file and a handy list of Amazon S3-based online backup services.

Servers Take a Cyber Monday Pounding
[November 29, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Forget Black Friday. For e-shoppers, Cyber Monday kicks off the holiday gift-giving season. Also, locking down NFS, tips for UNIX sysadmins and 200 commands for Linux newbies.

Your Vote Matters (?)
[November 2, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Electronic voting comes under scrutiny as contentious Congressional midterm elections loom in the US. Also, a new huge chipmaking deal gets overshadowed by the usual AMD/Intel drama; the story of the bot army behind the BlueFrog shutdown; and Vista may be a good reason to horde RAM...

Mainframes 101
[October 11, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Want to try your hand at managing the paragon of enterprise computing? IBM has a few pointers. Plus, tips on selecting the right data center for your business; weeding out bad RAM; and a handy method of creating VMware Player virtual machines.

Dow Rebounds, Tech in Tow?
[October 4, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: The Dow's resurgence is making headlines. Is the tech-heavy NASDAQ far behind? Also, using Netcat to roll your own servers; tips for improving VoIP call quality; and a handy guide on preventing what promises to bring down the Web 2.0 world: cross-site scripting attacks.

Et Tu, HP?
[September 13, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: The death of privacy? Not so fast. The boardroom drama that engulfed HP - and its fallout - suggests that there are limits to prying into people's lives.

Windows Vista MSRP: Your Soul
[August 30, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Leaked Windows Vista launch details spark all manner of online analysis and snark. Also, tips on keeping your searches private, handy header charts (IP, IPv6, TCP, etc.) and repairing XP without a full reinstall.

Hardware Has Its Moods Too
[August 16, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: As easy as it is to blame the user or an over-caffeinated admin, sometimes the hardware really is to blame. Also, rumblings from LinuxWorld, cross-site scripting threats to the Web 2.0 world and the best software ever written.

Summer DYI Edition
[August 2, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Need a project to distract you from the summer IT doldrums? Roll up your sleeves and get cracking with these do-it-yourself tutorials.

Geeks vs. Suits
[July 26, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: When your IT department is at odds with other business units, who really suffers? Your customers, of course! Get some tips for corporate harmony. Also, more handy *nix tools, a look at the current state of online storage and a site that tests the strength of your pop-up blocker.

AIM Dons Suit and Tie
[July 20, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: AOL's business version of its popular instant messaging software aimed at business debuts. Also, a ZFS primer, restoring a defiled Linux server and the best Windows admin tools, just a download away.

Dell Discovers Blogging
[July 12, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Following in the footsteps of other tech giants, Dell goes the blog route to engage the IT community directly. Also, a look at the beginnings of OpenDNS, a list of backup utilities (on- and off-line) and why secure RSS may not be a given in IE7.

SideKick Saga Ends
[June 21, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: A lost T-Mobile SideKick touches off a tempest that blends the enormous reach of the Internet with a colorful cast of characters, a sprinkling of MySpace and widespread media attention. Also, securing AJAX; why Google Spreadsheets should raise alarm; and Bill Gates' lengthy farewell.

A Healthy Network is a Happy Network
[June 14, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: This week, a handy checklist for alleviating those home networking pains. Also: Scoble moves on, Ethereal changes names, thwarting IP spoofers and a wonderful 50 years with the workhorse of modern computing, the hard drive.

Supercharge Your Home Router
[June 7, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: After fiddling with some serious gear all day, the meager options on your home router may feel like a letdown. However, some models, when coupled with hacked firmware, can narrow the features gap.

Poke Big Brother in the Eye
[June 1, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Even if you have nothing to hide, you may not appreciate your every online move being tracked and dissected. Worry not; you have some options. Also, an 18-day chronicle of a factory fresh PC reduced to a festering pile of malware.

Speedy File Transfers: IP over Firewire
[May 24, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: You conquered file transfers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Ready to try your hand at IP over Firewire? Also, DMZs 101, more thumb drive must-haves and a look back at the C10K problem (you have that licked by now, we hope).

A Spammer Scorned
[May 17, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Sounded like a good idea. Bring the fight against spam to the people. Trouble is, spammers don't fight fair.

Clusters, Clusters Everywhere
[May 3, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: As the title suggests, HPC goodness awaits in this all-clusters-all-the-time installment of our elsewhere links roundup.

Showing Some SaaS
[April 20, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: The myths surrounding the software as a service (SaaS) movement are starting to crumble and IT folks are taking notice. Also, Linux management over AD, Google cheat sheets, BootCamp triple boot and a step-by-step guide to cleaning up that ratty looking desktop.

Death by End-User
[April 14, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Though Halloween won't come around for a while, it's never too early for a good end-user horror story. Also: More handy freeware, Angry IP Scanner, seven years of 'chilly' DMCA weather and IE7's nearing the home stretch.

Wi-Fi Travelers, Enjoy Your Stay
[March 29, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: For traveling geeks, Wi-Fi is a must-have and increasingly common amenity, but some hotels do it better than others. Also, a look at Office 2007 in action, installing suspect software securely and have your say in ServerWatch's 2006 awards.

And Now, Time for Some Whine
[March 22, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Finally exposing the bane of IT managers. You know the type: complainers! Also: Is your site still stuck in 1998? Some nifty scripts dripping with that newfangled AJAX-ness to help get you back on track.

Ultimate Linux Firewall, Time Warp
[March 15, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: In search of the perfect Linux firewall with IPCop; a trip back in time with (oh the memories) and XORP, an open source router platform.

IPv6 Impact on Enterprises, OSX Hackathons
[March 8, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: The implications of the IPv6 transition; OSX Hacking is all the rage; and a do-it-yourself WISP.

IPSec in 4 minutes, Linux Sysadmin Toolbox
[March 1, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Set up an IPSec VPN in minutes, indispensable Linux tools, more Google hacking and the impending IT brain drain (it's not what you think).

Phishing with a Smarter Net, MacBook Madness
[February 23, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Phishing evolves to a point where even sophisticated users can get blindsided. Also: the first MacBooks are shipped and gawked at; Window Vista is "feature complete"; and RSS is on the rise.

Troubleshooting Networks, Collab in '06
[February 15, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: 28 handy steps to solving any network malady and the face of collaboration in 2006. Also, a handy new as-you-type process identifier, a look at online storage services, creating quick launch spaces and the technologist manifesto.

Net Neutrality Takes Center Stage
[February 8, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Recent rumblings suggest that ISPs want to hold sway on what services are accessed on their networks. Are things about to get ugly? Also: A free NAS server, a security dashboard and the Vaporware 2005 awards.

IE 7 Public Beta Drops, Secure VNC
[February 1, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Windows XP SP2 users can now take IE 7 for a spin. Also, a secure VNC connection tutorial; surge protection demystified; surviving the Slashdot effect; and lesser-known but still handy Firefox extensions.

Keeping Searches Between You and Your Browser
[January 25, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Google refuses a US Government request to fork over search data raising privacy concerns for some (AOL, Yahoo and MSN complied). For those worried about "snoopy" search engines, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of a search being traced back to you.

Quick to Judge, A-Fraggin' We Will Go
[January 19, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Surfers decide a site's hot or not in the mere blink of an eye. Also: A chance for techies to battle office tyranny and a Xen virtualization and Linux clustering how-to.

Wither Slashdot?
[January 11, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: Slashdot, the mother of all tech discussion sites, is facing competition from an upstart that its users really 'digg.' Also: examines the tech that scores of Web 2.0 faithful are pinning their hopes on.

Open Source Virtualization, SarBox Stifles ERM
[January 5, 2006] Elsewhere in IT: This week, XenSource's CTO, Simon Crosby, discusses the business of open source virtualization. Also: Ways to thwart low-tech bank fraud; a look at ten must-have admin tools; and how SarBox is overshadowing ERM.

No Love for the RIAA
[December 8, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Is hate too strong a word? Try detest, abhor, revile, loathe... Also: Google targets commuters and public transport users with its new map search functionality (limited coverage so far) and tips on hardening Apache.

Storage Budgeting, Surviving the Cyber Monday Web Server Massacre
[November 30, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: You thought balancing your checking account was tough, try budgeting a storage upgrade. Also: E-tailers are awash in overflowing holiday shopping carts.

Terminally Clueless End-Users
[November 17, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Poor end-users. Some are beyond help, but that doesn't mean you should stop trying to educate them on security threats.

Fire up the Flamewar Finder!
[November 9, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Blogs, meet business. Business, meet blogs.

Microsoft: It's (a)Live!
[November 2, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Microsoft offers a peek into its web services future; the wall jack as a thin client; and is Sony distributing rootkits?

P2P and Networks Don't Mix
[October 19, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: The Datamation IT Management Blog probes dangers of allowing P2P on your network. Also: the sorry state of US broadband and is one of the most popular online games saddled with spyware?

AJAX and the Enterprise
[October 12, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: AJAX is making waves in web development circles but it also promises to raise the profile of rich, web-based business applications and communications models within organizations.

ICAAN Says I Won't, Buzz Builds Around Vonage IPO
[October 3, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Some to questions to consider this week. Will grabby ICAAN policies lead to a splintered WWW? Will a Vonage IPO kickstart a telecom (and Wall St.) revolution?

Broadband Adoption Slows, Update Firefox Now!
[September 23, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Who's tapping the brakes on broadband adoption? Also, Firefox users are being strongly urged to update to 1.0.7 and for good reason, a nasty exploit is making the rounds. Plus, Kevin Mitnick's version of his now legendary exploits and how SpeedPass was hacked.

Computer Security Foolishness
[September 15, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Start by discovering the foolish, yet pervasive ideas surrounding computer security and then see what Alan Cox thinks what the security landscape will look like in the next 50 years.

Techies Join Katrina Aid Efforts, Joys of .htaccess
[September 6, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Techies lend a hand to areas battered by Katrina. Also, nifty .htaccess tips to harden your web-facing servers, save bandwidth and more.

Rootkits, Freebies and Online Port Scans
[August 18, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Zotob and its Plug and Play brethren may be hogging the headlines, but bigger security threats are lying around undetected. That's right, rootkits.

LinuxWorld Takes Center Stage
[August 11, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Spotlighted this week are the goings on at LinuxWorld, the advantages of preventative controls for enteprises, and a word or two on virutalization from HP's Rich Marcello.

Vista: What's in a Name?
[August 3, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: The battle over the Windows Vista name is being fought on more than one front. Also, Mozilla goes for-profit (sorta), hotel TV portal backend proven insecure during Blackhat/DefCon (shocker), and a neat little trick to stop Firefox pop-ups (hurray).

UK Techies Pay More, Windows Vista: Yawn
[July 25, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Gadget lovers in the UK see red as their US counterparts pay much less for gear and Windows' new name underwhelms our forum members (so far).

MS Drunk on RSS Love, Big Week in P2P
[June 29, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Longhorn and IE7 are in RSS bliss, a rundown of P2P in today's legal and technological backdrop, and a look at IBM's Top 500 dominance.

Workplace Email Annoyances, Spyware's Future
[June 16, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Datamation's Eric Spiegel spotlights some e-mail gaffes that can cause friction in the corporate environments. Plus a look into the crystal ball for a glimpse at spyware's future.

SurgeMail Review, MS-Indonesia Pirated Software Amnesty
[June 9, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: ServerWatch reviews SurgeMail, MS cuts Indonesia some slack and a peek into the hardware design labs of the Redmond software giant.

Sun Snags StorageTek, Win2K Slipping into Extended Support
[June 2, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Sun to pony up $4 billion for storage company, Windows 2000 starts showing its age and the industry can't help but ponder, what's wrong with on demand?

Longhorn's Avalon and Indigo in Beta, Sticking a Fork in WEP
[May 24, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Microsoft releases a beta version of two key Longhorn technologies for developers and WEP's days are numbered.

Google Offers Personalization, Usenet Choking on Sith
[May 23, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Google now offers a homepage that can be personalized to suit a user's taste, Usenet bursting at the seams (with movies like leaked copies Star Wars Episode III) and Linux is a fixture in many Windows environments.

Employers Warned About the Dangers of Firing IT Types
[May 17, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: The Secret Service releases a scary report on how ex-employees with a grudge can wreak havoc on corporate networks. Plus, a look at some of the tech powering this year's video game geekfest, E3 2005, and the advice IBM doles out when VMWare goes haywire.

Tabbed Browsing in IE7, IBM Endorses Firefox
[May 16, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Internet Explorer developers say tabbed browsing is on the way while IBM tells its employees, 'why wait?'

Sun's NAS Software Play, Britestream's Hardware-based SSL Encryption
[May 10, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Sun moves to acquire Procom, using EXACT to cut down on spam and Britestream's CEO makes the case for SSL encryption in hardware.

Firefox Vulnerabilities Sprout Up and Google Goes Kaput (for 15 Minutes)
[May 9, 2005] Elsewhere in IT: Firefox starts getting a taste of the vulnerabilities that plagued IE and the world asks, what downed Google this weekend?

D-Link Courts Businesses with WLAN Switches, Vegas Interop Bets on VoIP
[May 4, 2005] Elsewhere: D-Link looks beyond the home networking crowd to address the WLAN switch market, VoIP has tongues wagging at Interop and Cisco network management gets the open-source treatment.

Time Warner Employee Data MIA, Worm Targets FIFA Lovers
[May 3, 2005] Elsewhere: Data loss strikes Time Warner, new worm hopes to lure FIFA fans and security is the name of the game at Interop.

Spitzer Takes on Spyware, Fighting Tigers & Itanium RIP?
[April 29, 2005] Elsewhere: New York slaps a lawsuit on Intermix Media, Tiger Direct slaps one on Apple and the industry can't help but wonder, is Itanium not long for this world?

Gates Goes to Washington, Un-Googlelike Behavior, and TrendMicro Update
[April 28, 2005] Elsewhere: Gates rips Congress over visa restrictions, Google typo can lead to a security nightmare and TrendMicro gets the bill for PC repairs in Japan.
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