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Script for Remote Removal of SMS 2.0 Clients

September 26, 2003

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I have modified the SMS 2.0 Support Tools client removal script so that it can be run from one machine and can be used to remove SMS clients from any number of machines remotely.

The script requires PSexec.exe from Sysinternals.com (direct download link for PSExec.exe) to be executed. In the ZIP file to be downloaded, you will find two batch files.
a) Runme.bat
b) UNcli20.bat

Both have to be edited for your specific network information to work.

First we take script (b). The contents of the ZIP file need to be put on a shared folder on your network. Once that is done in script (b) you need to change the 3rd Line:

copy \\Network Share Folder Location\*.* %windir%\system32

to reflect your network share location. This share needs read access to Domain admin group only. You can remove the default everyone group (this is important as the script needs an admin username/password combo to be stored in a batch file which, even though it's temporary, if anyone picks up will lead to a security issue).

Before we go to the next step, one more important task has to be completed. You need to create a temp account with domain admin privileges.

For script (a) you need to download PSexec from sysinternals and copy it to the same folder as the script.

Now in Runme.bat you will see the following line.

psexec <\\Targeted Client> -u -p -c -f

Now using notepad edit this bacth file and add the
1) Name/IP of the client you need to uninstall.
2) User name of the temp admin account.
3) Password of the temp admin account.
4) Local Path to the UNcli20.bat batch file.

That's it, you are done. Now you can uninstall all the clients from a single location. Download the script.

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