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Whitepaper: Building an Intelligent Infrastructure for SAP
Many enterprises today are faced with explosive data and application growth. These firms are searching for the best architecture to manage data and resources, "do more with less," and enable their SAP implementation to run most effectively. This paper provides an overview of how implementing SAP on HP Integrity server solutions can help enterprise firms reduce IT costs and enhance ROI, regardless of operating system or database releases. >>
Whitepaper: The Three Rs—Reliability, Resiliency, and Repairability—of Single-System Availability
Traditionally, the terms reliability, availability, and serviceability, or RAS for short, have been used to describe uptime characteristics of server hardware. However, a new set of terms, the "Three Rs"&3151;reliability, resiliency, and reparability—probably better describe those attributes. Learn more about the Three Rs and how HP's dedication to Three R design principles delivers real benefits to customers. >>
Whitepaper: The Practical Side of Server Virtualization
Server virtualization allows IT shops to lower costs, increase flexibility and reduce risk. Read this whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of virtualization and how HP's Virtual Server Environment reduces costs while it improves the flexibility of resources. >>
Transforming Your EnterpriseSynchronizing Business and IT to Capitalize on Change
Change is fundamental to realizing the benefits of the Adaptive Enterprise. Learn how HP helps companies respond to change by building financial flexibility into how they transition, acquire, manage and retire technology. >>

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AntiOnline Spotlight: When Updates Attack
April 29, 2005

There are few times when an update can cause a PC to simply stop working altogether. A fouled BIOS update, for instance.

But after downloading near-daily spyware and virus definitions to your resident security software suite, 99.9 percent of the time you go about your business. It's become, for better or worse, routine.

That's why last week's Trend Micro flap is causing such a stir.

A botched update last weekend caused machines worldwide to completely stop working. "It's dead, Jim," was the sad diagnosis. If it were to come from everyone's favorite interstellar physician, that is.

Like any responsible firm, Trend Micro is trying to make amends. In Japan, affected users will be paid part of what it costs to repair their systems. In other parts of the world, users have resigned to dust off their backups and start anew.

As for recovering downtime, many are left to their own devices. In large businesses, this is rarely cause for alarm. After all, they have entire IT departments at their beck and call ready to assist.

For home/small office workers, it's another matter. As SOHO workers will attest, there is often little wiggle room between a close deadline and paying the bills on time.

This week we discuss an antivirus update from a trusted source that does more harm than good, plus the steps admins and users can take to reduce the chances of succumbing to bad code from friend and foe.

Note: Any opinions expressed below are solely those of the individual posters on the AntiOnline forums.

This Week's Spotlight Thread:
Trend Micro Customers Suffer Weekend Mayhem

whatthe alerts us to the unfortunate news. To which, Striek responds by extolling the virtues of preparedness.

And then people wonder why they should ghost their computers...

Buy identical hardware, make an image every week, and when something like this happens, it's a simple matter of ghosting a set of machines over a network. It may take time and effort to implement such a setup, but when something like this happens, suddenly it's worth it.

Updating software also becomes a simple matter of updating one machine, imaging it, and then deploying that image network-wide.

Companies can roll with the punches. But nihil asks, what about the little guys?
Corporates who had IT staff working on the problem or who had to pay staff to do nothing can quite easily make a claim based on their payroll.

Little guys and private individuals generally have to sort it in their own time... how do you compensate for that?

|3lack|ce got hit, but wasn't knocked out for the count. Here's why...
Got hit by it. Here's how I got it fixed:

Booted from my ghost CD, replaced current image with the ghost, didn't update Trend when it offered to do so - all is well. Time lost - negligible. Do I complain about or to Trend? No - everyone makes mistakes. So long as they don't happen very often, I'm happy.

Will QA's lose their jobs? Most likely - they 'green stamped' the definitions when they came through instead of testing them thoroughly. Odds are they were busy watching something on TV or gaming instead of doing their jobs - common in any computer firm on the weekend when the boss isn't around.

Were you able to dodge that bullet? Share your Trend Micro thoughts here.

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