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Whitepaper: Top Five Instant Messaging Security Risks for 2006
Though widely adopted, IM is generally unprotected and unmonitored in consumer and enterprise environments, leaving it vulnerable to attacks and exploits. These attacks have grown exponentially over the past three years, increasing the need for real-time threat response for IM and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. >>
Whitepaper: E-Mail Discovery–Worst Case Scenarios Versus Best Practices
Searching through volumes of back-up tapes for requested e-mails is costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee that all the requested records will be recoverable. Veritas Enterprise Vault, now from Symantec, enables organizations to implement automated, policy-based archiving of e-mail and related files to a fully indexed, searchable online archive. >>
Article: Message Retention and Archiving Boost Data Collection, Discovery, and Corporate Governance Initiatives
Internal policies, industry regulations, & the impending risk of litigation involving the discovery of e-mail should have businesses thinking about a messaging retention & archiving solution sooner than later. Learn how one of the largest general contractors in CA solved the problem. >>
Whitepaper: Best Practices for Instant Messaging Archiving & Compliance
Many organizations have adopted IM as a core component of their messaging infrastructure with upwards of 85 percent of all organizations citing IM use. As usage spreads within organizations, the need for the enforcement of corporate policies has increased. >>
Whitepaper: Using Backup and Archiving Technology to Meet Compliance Objectives
Along with an increasing amount of information to store, enterprises are subject to a number of data retention requirements. Backup and archiving solutions can help address these challenges. They will even help you remain flexible for future developments and changes, such as the next generation of regulations and policies that are sure to come along. >>
For more whitepapers, webcasts, articles, and resources on data archiving and storage management, click here.

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Security features

Whitepaper: Helping CIOs Expand the Innovation Horizon. How can CIOs rebalance the spending mix to maintain or improve service, increase efficiency across the business & drive top-line growth? Read more to learn how.

AntiOnline Spotlight: Insight #14
August 1, 2005
By Enterprise IT Planet Staff

Visit the AntiOnline Insight #14 thread, and download your copy today (.zip, 1.3 MB PDF).

Poorly placed cables are more than an eyesore, they can lead to serious injury for both workers and your equipment.
Physical security is an important aspect of running a top-notch IT infrastructure. Your server room may have bleeding edge software and appliances safeguarding every last one and zero, but they are worthless if they are not supplemented with good, strong physical deterrents.

A good lock is a nice start. As are cameras, keypads, and thousands of other devices designed to keep criminals out and your valuables in.

But our trusty moderator, MsMittens, takes things a step further and examines how, with little more than some smart planning, physical security can also save lives or prevent a few bumps and bruises at least.

For instance, some care and attention to your cabling can ensure that workers don't trip and get hurt and can't literally pull the plug on critical systems.

Squarely on the network security side of the fence, HTRegs whips up a tutorial on defending against rogue DHCP servers. Administrators tending to smaller networks may know every single machine under their care, but larger, corporate IT departments sometimes have a habit of "losing" a machine or two.

WolfRune tackles the thorny topic of educating end-users. Every geek has experienced the blank stares and inane questions that follow a troubleshooting session or a discussion about the importance of keeping out spyware.

If it seems that the typical end-user and administrators are speaking different languages, it's because they are. WolfRune instructs techies on how to avoid falling into the technobabble trap, for happier and smarter employees all around.

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