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Summer Fun for the Security Administrator

June 15, 2006

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Need some not-so-light summer reading? Enjoy this selection of popular AntiOnline forum threads. Let's start by turning the tables on a 419 scam artist.

Note: Any opinions expressed below are solely those of the individual posters on the AntiOnline forums.

From the "don't try this at home" file:

Meet Bob Kema: Scam Artist
Thread Starter: Soda_Popinsky

Too hot for AO (actually, it's more of an audio experience), Soda_Popinsky hosts a series of voicemails from an increasingly perplexed 419 scammer. Here's a snippet from his site:

This is the first in a multi-part series about a scam artist named Bob Kema. That’s a fake name, but he is based out of Nigeria and he’s trying to take my money. Fortunately, I know exactly what he’s doing and he has no idea.

Scammers like Bob send thousands of emails to random email accounts every day. They send out of this world proposals that offer millions of dollars for a small favor...

Of course, we don't suggest you bait these "masters" of social engineering. After all, there have been plenty before you. thehorse13 writes:

Soda is one of many who play with these clowns. I've even used various online free phone and fax numbers that can't be traced back to me. If you have some downtime in your life, this is an excellent way to get some cheap kicks.

Also, these folks make an art of **** with 4-1-9 scammers. http://www.419eater.com/

Here are some more threads...

Painless User Group Experience
Thread Starter: Soda_Popinsky
Running as an administrator in Windows is an open invitation to disaster. But constantly switching accounts to perform routine tasks is not a fun way to get things done. Here's clever tip to make an administrator's life easier.

Vista Obsoletes Trusty Tools
Thread Starter: Irongeek
The good news: Vista seemingly delivers on its pledge to make Windows computing safer. The bad news: If you depend on some software tools to further your security skills, you may find them rebuffed by Microsoft's latest desktop OS.

iPod Security
Thread Starter: Phalse
Love 'em or hate 'em, they have sold millions and have changed the way companies view portable gadgets in the workplace. Our members discuss some interesting ways to make sure your iPod stays safe (especially if it's loaded up with personal info) and some disturbing ways it can be used to slurp data off a system.

Windows Genuine Validation in the Spotlight
Thread Starter: dalek
WgaTray.exe phones home. Shocked right? Yeah, us neither. But the real trouble lies in how this little piracy-combating tool can be potentially usurped for some truly evil deeds.

And an oldie, but goody...

A Tale of Two Log Files - Part I
Thread Starter: Tiger Shark
An entertaining account of the moments after administrators discover a compromise. Though fictional, the situation is has unfortunate parallels to real world breaches. (Part II, Part III and Final)

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