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Protect Your Server OSes From Unplugged Security Vulnerabilities

August 23, 2010

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The latest time line in fixing security vulnerabilities is a whopping 11.6 days. ServerWatch looks at why it takes vendors such a long time to recognize and detect new viruses, and what you can do to protect your server OSes.

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How secure are your server OSes? Not as secure as they could be, probably. That's because no matter how hard you may be working to keep them secure, many of the third parties you rely on to contribute to your server OS security are likely letting you down. To put it bluntly, they are more interested in making money than in ensuring your servers are safe.

Among the security measures you take, you probably protect your servers using an anti-virus scanner that uses virus signatures. But there's less than a 19 percent chance that your scanner will detect a new malware attack, according to a report, "Malware Detection Rates for Leading AV Solutions" from the security company Cyveillance. That's not an impressive figure, but you could argue it's not surprising: AV scanners are best at spotting known threats, and a new threat can't be "known" until the AV vendor has spotted it and added the new threat's signature to the scanner.

But how long should it take for this to happen? A day? Two? Three? Unbelievably it turns out that, on average, top AV vendors take 11.6 days to recognize and detect new viruses. Unbelievable perhaps, but true.

Read the rest of "Plugging Security Vulnerabilities -- What's the Hurry?" at ServerWatch

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