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Security Breaches Plagued Enterprises Worldwide in 2009

March 1, 2010

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Most enterprises claim to be well aware of the threat of cyber attacks, but thus far they have not had the resources to prevent them. Symantec's most recent "State of Enterprise Security" study found 100 percent of enterprises surveyed were hit with cyber-attacks in 2009. eSecurity Planet reports.

Enterprises are well aware of growing security threats to their organizations, but thus far, they have lacked the resources and staff to deal with increasingly sophisticated and malicious cyber attacks, according to Symantec's latest "State of Enterprise Security" study.

The telephone survey conducted in January contacted 2,100 businesses and government agencies in 27 countries and found that 100 percent of them had experienced cyber losses of some type in the past year. Seventy-five percent of organizations said they were hit by a cyber attack in the past year and 36 percent of those rate the attacks as either "somewhat" or "highly effective."

The top three reported losses were theft of intellectual property, theft of customer credit card information or other financial information that resulted in monetary loss in 92 percent of instances. The top three costs, according to the survey conducted for Symantec by Applied Research, were productivity, revenue, and loss of customer trust.

It concluded that on average, companies and government agencies spent an average of $2 million annually to combat cyber attacks.

Read the rest of "Most Enterprises Worldwide Hit by Cyber Attack in 2009" at eSecurity Planet

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