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Symantec Survey Finds Data Protection Top Priority

January 13, 2010

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Symantec's annual data center survey, released Monday, found security and data protection to be top enterprise needs. Clouds were at the bottom of the list. Enterprise Storage Forum reports. For a different perspective, check out this week's Virtually Speaking on ServerWatch.

Security, backup and recovery, and continuous data protection (CDP) are the top data center priorities this year, according to Symantec's 2010 State of the Data Center study released today.

The survey of 1,780 small, mid-size and large data centers found that about 80 percent of data centers rate security, backup and recovery, and CDP as their most important initiatives for 2010, ahead of even server virtualization.

Data archiving, replication, storage virtualization and deduplication were also ranked high in the survey by about 70 percent of respondents, but public, private and hybrid cloud computing was only ranked as important by a little more than half of those surveyed, coming in at the bottom of the survey.

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Read the rest of "Symantec: Security and Data Protection Lead, But Clouds Lag -" at Enterprise Storage Forum

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