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EMC to Merge Storage Arrays

March 31, 2010

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For anyone who can't keep SAN straight from NAS, the latest EMC rumor will either put concern about the differences out the window or muddy the waters further. Enterprise Storage Forum reports EMC may be merging its Clariion and Celerra storage arrays.

EMC may be moving its midrange NAS and SAN storage systems closer together.

According to reports and industry sources, EMC may soon position its Clariion storage area networks as more of a unified block and file storage system -- territory now occupied by the company's Celerra unified data storage arrays.

The next-generation Clariion, dubbed the V-CX, may add CIFS and NFS for file-based storage in addition to iSCSI, FCoE and Fibre Channel block-based storage protocols. That would move the Clariion line closer to the Celerra line, which combines NAS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

Read the rest of "EMC to Merge Clariion, Celerra Storage Arrays" at Enterprise Storage Forum

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