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Storage Technologies of the Future Look to Private Cloud

May 12, 2010

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EMC CEO Joe Tucci laid out his vision of the future of IT at this week's EMC World. Not surprisingly, virtualization and private clouds are the cornerstones for storage networking. Enterprise Storage Forum reports.

BOSTON — EMC (NYSE: EMC) sees virtualization and private clouds as the future of storage networking and data centers, and the data storage giant says it plans to be at the forefront of companies building that next-generation infrastructure.

"EMC is going all out on the private cloud," EMC CEO Joe Tucci told attendees at EMC World today. "It is a journey well worth taking."

Tucci began with a history lesson, sketching through the various waves of IT: mainframe, mini-computers, distributed computing, and on up to the present. The next wave, he said, is the cloud. He backed this up with a familiar argument: the IT infrastructure is getting too complex, inefficient and costly. In support of this, he quoted IDC figures that 72 percent of IT budgets are spent just to maintain existing applications.

Read the rest of EMC Says "Private Clouds Are the Future of Storage, Data Centers"

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