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LSoft Technologies Inc.. Delete selected folders, groups of files, Internet cache, history, cookies, etc. Jan. 18, 2011
Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control
Black Box Network Services. Protect your most sensitive facilities with advanced biometrics featuring two-factor authentication for the perfect blend of security and simplicity. Mar. 15, 2010
Neurotechnology Biometrics
Neurotechnology. Line of biometric tools and technologies facilitate the use of fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition in custom applications and devices. New offering leverages HP ProLiant DL gear to support 10M fingerprint matches per second. Feb. 24, 2009
Privaris Inc. Line of fingerprint tokens emulate proximity or smart cards for access to existing physical security controls or computer logons. Now supports RSA SecurID OTPs. Feb. 11, 2009
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. USB-based sensor allows for the identification of individuals via the unique patterns of their palm veins. New product offers SSO for Windows environments and a mouse-format palm scanner. Jan. 6, 2009
BIO-key International, Inc. Fingerprint identification SDK especially tuned for use with Web applications (includes both browser and application server plug-in components). Now with expanded reader support. Dec. 1, 2008
Futronic Biometrics
Futronic Technology Company Ltd. Fingerprint recognition hardware and software with "Live Finger Detection" capabilities. New FS22 hardware provides physical security to the tune of 700 fingerprint full-matches per second. Nov. 26, 2008
M2SYS LLC. Biometric (fingerprint) authentication platform is specifically targeted to developers looking to incorporate fingerprint recognition into their apps. New AI technology learns a fingerprint's idiosyncracies over time. Feb. 28, 2008
SmartMetric Biometric Card
SmartMetric, Inc. Credit-card sized device can store personal information (credit card numbers, contact info, etc.) and/or cash for an individual, accessible only via their fingerprint. Oct. 19, 2007
SignatureOne Suite
Communication Intelligence Corp (CIC). Platform provides for the entry, biometric verification, and binding of handwritten signatures to electronic documents. New Web Server version enables document signing via Web browsers. Sep. 18, 2007
Fujitsu Biometric eDirectory Login
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. NMAS-based biometric login capabilities for eDirectory. Both verify (fingerprint + user id) and identify (fingerprint only) modes supported. Aug. 10, 2007
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. SDKs enable the creation/integration of fingerprint capture, verification, and identification features in Windows applications. Includes the Fujitsu MDF200-USB fingerprint sensor. Jul. 23, 2007
Griaule Biometrics. Fingerprint recognition tools in both application and SDK flavors. New offerings include a Java SDK and network (Active Directory) login. May 9, 2007
SNAP / SecuGen Enterprise NMAS Login Method
SecuGen Corp. Platforms allow users to logon to a Windows or NetWare network using their fingerprints. New NMAS features include extended ConsoleOne management features and self-registration. Mar. 26, 2007
epcSolutions, Inc. Access control system utilizes video surveillance and RFID technology to combine facial recognition with RFID tag-based identification. Sep. 27, 2006
Saflink Corp. Multi factor authentication platform for SMBs allows for the replacement of Windows XP logon passwords with USB tokens. New add-on modules support remote and biometric authentication. Jul. 11, 2006
Dekart Logon / Password Manager
Dekart, s.r.l. Biometric, hardware key-based authentication protection for Windows notebooks/desktops, Citrix ICA Client, Lotus Notes, and Telnet/SSH. Also password management and Web form filling. Apr. 21, 2006
Zvetco LLC. Line of fingerprint scanning devices (USB and keyboard) and ID management software, available individually or in product bundles. Waterproof P3400 scanning device now available. Jan. 23, 2006
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