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Ionx. Ionx provides Verisys file integrity monitoring software for increased security and compliance. May 24, 2010
Veri-NAC (tm) Network Access Control Appliance
Black Box Network Services. Prevent network breaches from unauthorized network connections and out-of-compliance devices with Veri-NAC(tm), the affordable, one-box vulnerability management and network access control applicance. Mar. 15, 2010
Radware Ltd. Network traffic analysis and protection appliance. New value models (behavioral scanning only) scale throughput performance up to 13 Gb/sec. Feb. 26, 2009
Lancope, Inc. Network behavior analysis and response platform provides network security and performance troubleshooting capabilities. New release to support VMware monitoring and Qualys vulnerability scan integration. Feb. 17, 2009
Sourcefire IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)
Sourcefire, Inc. Intrusion detection and prevention system offers a combination of vulnerability- and anomaly-based inspection methods at throughputs and line speeds up to 10 Gb/sec. Feb. 12, 2009
Finjan Secure Web Gateway
Finjan Inc. Security appliances protect networks via behavioral-based blocking. Now with Data Leakage Prevention capabilities. Feb. 10, 2009
Breach Security, Inc. Security appliance that is targeted specifically to the protection / prevention of Web application exploits. Now with support for in-line deployments. Feb. 3, 2009
Deep Security
Third Brigade, Inc. Host intrusion prevention platform is centrally managed and features protection for known and unknown vulnerabilities via multiple modules and detection methods. New version includes Integrity Monitoring and Log Inspection modules. Jan. 15, 2009
Strata Guard
StillSecure. SNORT-based intrusion detection and prevention offerings available as soft appliances or preloaded hardware (free version available). Now with the ability to monitor multiple segments from a single sensor and up to 4 Gb/sec throughput. Jan. 14, 2009
eEye Digital Security. Operates as an ISAPI filter and protects IIS Web servers by identifying intrusion attempts based on the type of attack; not specific signatures. Now supports detection of SQL Injection. Dec. 16, 2008
AirTight Networks, Inc. Wireless LAN security platform protects against intrusion attempts, rogue access points, mis-associations, etc. 802.11n platform now available. Sep. 26, 2008
DS Series
Solera Networks, Inc. Line of appliances specialize in the capture of network traffic for analysis by 3rd party products. Capture technology now available to OEMs. Sep. 19, 2008
Fortinet, Inc. Edge appliance provides multiple security functions (anti-virus, firewall, VPN, etc.) in several models for SOHOs to large enterprises. New blades to boast 10 Gbe possibilities. Sep. 15, 2008
ForeScout Technologies, Inc. Agentless endpoint compliance system combines network access control with intrusion prevention capabilities. Now includes a PCI Compliance Kit. Jun. 16, 2008
PitBull Foundation
Innovative Security Systems, Inc. Adds intrusion prevention security enhancements directly at the O/S level for the creation of a "Trusted Operating System." Now available for Solaris 10 x86/x64. Jun. 5, 2008
Net Optics Taps
Net Optics, Inc. A family of Taps, switches, and tools that facilitate the deployment and usage of monitoring gear on the network. 10 Gig iTaps to debut in mid-June. Jun. 4, 2008
Mazu Profiler
Mazu Networks, Inc. Network behavior analysis engine collects flow information from existing network infrastructure and facilitates troubleshooting and monitoring based on deviations from typical behavior. New features include response-time statistics enhancements and WAN optimization reporting. Apr. 30, 2008
Elitecore Technologies Ltd. Gateway security appliance combines multiple functions, including anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering, firewall, and VPN. Now with multi-core processors. Apr. 4, 2008
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