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Windows 7 Enterprise Deployments to Surge?

By Stuart J. Johnston
October 7, 2010

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Historically, many IT technology buyers wait until the first Windows service pack is out before deploying a new version of the Microsoft OS. That appears to be influencing technology decisions this time as well, at least for a good number of IT managers.

Enterprise deployments of Windows 7 may hit a high point over the next six months to a year as the upgrade cycle for aging PCs kicks in along with the arrival of the first Windows 7 service pack, according to a recent poll of IT decision makers.

What may turn out as a surprise for some is that the brief survey, conducted online by research firm Directions on Microsoft, showed that 11 percent of the company's corporate IT clients have already finished upgrading to Windows 7.

Besides those who have already completed their migrations, fully half of those polled said they will start deployments within the next 6 to 12 months, while another 27 percent plan to begin deployments over the next 2 years. Altogether that comes to 88 percent, the survey report said.

Only 4 percent have no plans to upgrade to Windows 7, while 7 percent say they will wait at least 2 years before upgrading.

Read the rest at Datamation.

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