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Solid State Drives Get Efficiency Boost

By Paul Shread
December 9, 2009

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Solid state drives got even better this week with EMC's release of tiering technology that will allow enterprises to determine which data is critical enough to place on a pricey solid state drive. Enterprise Storage Forum reports.

EMC Tuesday unveiled its long-awaited technology for ensuring that only the most critical data winds up on pricey solid state drives (SSDs).

EMC, which has been the early leader in enterprise SSDs thanks to its partnership with flash drive maker STEC, today unveiled the first generation of its FAST technology, which stands for fully automated storage tiering. The second generation of the product, expected to be released in the second half of 2010, will allocate data at the sub-LUN and sub-volume level, among other features.

For now, the technology works at the LUN level, moving data between SSDs and Fibre Channel and SATA hard drives based on user-defined policies that EMC says can be set through the FAST wizard in minutes. The technology also monitors changes in data access patterns.

EMC offers the example of a VMware ESX cluster with 4 percent flash drives and 96 percent Fibre Channel drives reducing I/O contention by 68 percent and boosting disk response time 2.5 times with FAST technology over an all-Fibre Channel system.

Read the complete article on Enterprise Storage Forum

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