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Oracle: We're Committed To Lustre

By Drew Robb
December 2, 2010

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Oracle's acquisition of Sun has created questions about a number of issues, including the fate of Lustre. Drew Robb details Oracle's support for the open source file system.

Since Oracle acquired Sun last year, there has been uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Lustre file system. In fact, that uncertainty stretched back well before the acquisition. To end the speculation, Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) chose last week’s Supercomputing 2010 conference as the forum to reaffirm its commitment to Lustre.

“Nothing in Lustre has been radically changed under Oracle,” said Jason Schaffer, senior director of product management for storage at Oracle. “We have an unwavering commitment to Lustre and its community as well as the high performance computing (HPC) marketplace.”

Lustre, of course, is a high-performance open source file system which is often used in HPC environments. Based upon Linux, it is designed, developed and maintained by Oracle with input from many individuals and companies in the open-source community. The basic design is for it to be massively parallel to enable I/O performance and provide levels of scale that are well beyond the limits of traditional file systems. According to Schaffer, Lustre scales to tens of petabytes, hundreds of Gigabits per second and thousands of clients, and has been reliability deployed in many clustered environments.

Read the rest at Enterprise Storage Forum.

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