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Bget Software Studio. Bget is a powerful, fast and professional web data extraction software Feb. 7, 2010
DVD Ripper for Mac
DVD Ripper for Mac. dvd ripper for mac, mac dvd ripper, dvd ripper mac, mac dvd ripper software, mac dvd rip, mac dvd ripping software Nov. 3, 2009
Option NV. Broadband routers and devices provide access to UMTS/GPRS-based WANs for Ethernet and/or 802.11 enabled devices. Feb. 23, 2009
Comtrend Corp. Wireless router supports both ADSL2+ and VDSL2 connectivity and includes five Gig Ethernet ports. Targeted to providers for use by their customers. Dec. 23, 2008
D-Link Corp. Wireless gear (routers and interface cards) for 802.11g, n connectivity. SharePort now available for DIR-625. Dec. 22, 2008
Meraki Mesh
Meraki Networks, Inc. Internet sharing system is enabled via wireless mesh technology. New radio is powered by solar and is available with 20 or 40W solar panels. Dec. 4, 2008
RangeMax Wireless-N / Wireless-N
NETGEAR Inc. Draft 802.11n routers and adapters primarily for home or small office. New routers offer green features. Oct. 3, 2008
Xtreme N
D-Link Corp. Line of Draft 802.11n compatible gear targeted to home or small office deployments. Routers now include (or can be upgraded to include) USB port sharing technology. Oct. 2, 2008
AirTight Networks, Inc. Wireless LAN security platform protects against intrusion attempts, rogue access points, mis-associations, etc. 802.11n platform now available. Sep. 26, 2008
JoikuSoft Oy Ltd. Allows you to share your 3G phone Internet connection via WiFi (802.11 b/g). New Premium version opens access to all network protocols (i.e., E-mail, Skype, IM, etc.) Jul. 17, 2008
AVM GmbH. Home office gear combines Internet access capabilities with VoIP calling; users can directly attach--and place Internet or landline calls through--analog phones. New features include support for individual usage controls and remote access. May 27, 2008
Sentinel Sensors
Aginova Inc. Wi-Fi based temperature monitoring platform alerts personnel (E-mail, on-screen, pager) when temperatures exceed defined thresholds. New Pro model boasts battery life of 5 - 10 years. May 7, 2008
Ranger / Rover / WiRanger
Icron Technologies Corp. Products allow for the extension of USB connectivity to distances beyond standard USB cabling limits. New models extend USB up to 100 meters over CAT5 UTP cabling. Apr. 16, 2008
Aruba Mobility Controllers / APs
Aruba Wireless Networks. Wireless LAN platform utilizes "thin" access points allowing for centralized control and implementation of wireless services. New AP 85s are ruggedized offerings especially for harsh and/or outdoor environments. Feb. 11, 2008
Personal HotSpot (PHS)
CradlePoint, Inc. Enables individuals to connect to their cellular broadband network using standard WiFi (802.11b/g) gear. Dec. 10, 2007
Linksys Access Points
Cisco Systems, Inc. Line of devices facilitate wireless connectivity and/or bridging to existing wired LANs. New AP features RangeBooster technology and dual firmware images. Nov. 2, 2007
GS1010 SoC
GainSpan Corp. System-on-a-chip is targeted to OEMs for the creation of devices used in Wi-Fi based wireless sensor networks. Boasts a battery life of 5-10 years. Oct. 4, 2007
AirLive 802.11 Gear
OvisLink Corp. Multiple flavors of routers, APs, and access gear supporting 802.11 a/b/g and n configurations. Newest AP supports 8 different operating modes. Oct. 3, 2007
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