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RocketStream, Inc. Software utilizes vendor-proprietary protocols (must be present on both sides of the pipe) and provides accelerated file transfers over WAN connections. Jan. 26, 2009
Network Executive Software (NetEx), Inc. Data transmission optimization technology accelerates data transmissions over WAN links transparently to applications. Now available as a managed service for providers. Dec. 31, 2008
UDcast SA. Targeted primarily to satellite or WiMAX-based WAN links and provides VPN and traffic acceleration features, now including data-stream level caching. Nov. 25, 2008
Cisco ASR 9000 Series
Cisco Systems, Inc. Carrier-class edge gear for the service provider focuses on video delivery features, including caching, ad insertion, etc. Supports up to 6.4 Tb of total capacity. Nov. 11, 2008
Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Cisco Systems, Inc. Midrange routers are targeted to SPs or the Enterprise edge and feature combined services (routing, encryption, packet inspection, more) that can be upgraded in software. New Embedded Services Processor doubles performance to 20 Gb/sec. Nov. 6, 2008
Afore ASE3300
Afore Solutions Inc. Traffic acceleration, optimization and data security appliance for wide area networks. Oct. 16, 2008
Barracuda Link Balancer
Barracuda Networks Inc. Perimeter device accepts and balances an organization's Internet traffic across multiple WAN links, with automated failover for broken links. Sep. 18, 2008
Remote Print Manager (RPM)
Brooks Internet Software, Inc. TCP/IP LPD (Line Printer Daemon) Print Server for Windows platforms. Jun. 12, 2008
NX Series
Silver Peak Systems, Inc. Line of WAN acceleration appliances are based on network-level de-duplication and other features. New model boasts support for 1 Gb/sec WAN traffic. May 20, 2008
Vanguard Multi-Service Routers
Vanguard Networks Solutions, LLC. Line of IP WAN routers specialize in enabling the convergence of IP, voice, and non-IP (BSC, SNA, SDLC, etc.) communications. New model is targeted to the mid-market. Apr. 11, 2008
Elfiq Link Load Balancers
Elfiq Inc. Products balance an organization's WAN traffic (both in and outbound) across multiple provider links. New tabletop models balance 2 or 4 links, respectively. Mar. 27, 2008
PowerLink Pro
Astrocom Corp. WAN failover and ISP load balancing appliances that provide both outbound and inbound traffic management. Jul. 31, 2007
Point System
Transition Networks, Inc. Managed, modular chassis accepts combinations of media conversion cards, converting multiple connections (Ethernet, ATM, T1/E1, Serial, etc.) to Fiber. New module to provide MEF 9/MEF 14 certified 10/100/1000TX to 1000BASE-X conversions. Jun. 19, 2007
Patton Electronics Co. Line of bridges and routers facilitate WAN connectivity over Ethernet, T1/E1, X.21, or V.35. New model enables point-to-point Ethernet extension over bonded T1/E1 ports. Jun. 15, 2007
Network Analyst
Masergy Communications, Inc. WAN monitoring, reporting, and alerting tool for use with MASERGY WAN services. Now with a top-15 sites "Active Network Map." May 11, 2007
iAnywhere Solutions, Inc. Suite of centralized management tools--i.e., data backup, configuration management, document management, etc.--for frontline (laptops, remote desktops, handhelds, etc,) devices. Now features FIPS 140-2 validation and wireless device provisioning. Nov. 7, 2006
MobileBridge (MB Series)
Top Global USA, Inc. Facilitates connectivity from the local LAN or WLAN to the WAN via cellular networks. New package from Lucent technologies focuses on business continuity (providing backup WAN access via cellular). May 18, 2006
Converged Traffic Manager
Converged Access, Inc. Traffic identification and management appliance allows for the prioritization of traffic per application, session, and user. New release includes pre-defined policy templates. Apr. 20, 2006
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