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WinLink / RADWIN
RADWIN Ltd. Point-to-point wireless radios provide connectivity for T1/E1 and Ethernet communications. New RADWIN series to deliver up to 50 Mb/sec (full duplex, net throughput) transmissions. Nov. 14, 2008
AirTight Networks, Inc. Wireless LAN security platform protects against intrusion attempts, rogue access points, mis-associations, etc. 802.11n platform now available. Sep. 26, 2008
Motorola APs
Motorola, Inc. Line of thin and stand alone access points for indoor and outdoor WLAN deployments. AP-5181 now boasts Haz-Loc certification. Jul. 31, 2008
Motorola, Inc. Tools for the visual planning, design, and performance monitoring of Wireless LANs. Soon to support 802.11n deployment scenarios. Jul. 28, 2008
Proxim Wireless Backhaul
Proxim Wireless Corp. Family of products offered under multiple brand names (Tsunami, GigaLink, TeraOptic, Lynx, TeraBridge, QuickBridge) and providing point-to-point wireless LAN extension capabilities. New models support multiple frequencies and include T1/E1 and Ethernet interfaces. Jun. 20, 2008
Ekahau RTLS
Ekahau, Inc. Software-based asset location platform functions over existing Wi-Fi networks. Now supports 802.11n. May 30, 2008
Cisco 3300 Series
Cisco Systems, Inc. 1U appliance provides an abstraction layer (with an open API) between applications and network transports. Initial software to include context-aware and wireless IPS services. May 28, 2008
RoamAnywhere Mobility Router
Agito Networks, Inc. Enables automated, policy-based routing of Enterprise PBX calls to handsets through WiFi or cellular. Now with HA and Cisco Unified Wireless Network support. May 1, 2008
Ceragon Networks Ltd. Wireless bridges--targeted to campus and service provider uses--supporting multiple frequency bands and bandwidth configurations. New models to support 10-500 Mb/sec throughout per radio carrier. Mar. 26, 2008
Smart Mobile Suite
Trapeze Networks. WLAN gear includes central switches, access points, and centralized management software based on the vendor's Smart Mobile technology. RingMaster now available as an appliance. Mar. 18, 2008
Aruba Mobility Controllers / APs
Aruba Wireless Networks. Wireless LAN platform utilizes "thin" access points allowing for centralized control and implementation of wireless services. New AP 85s are ruggedized offerings especially for harsh and/or outdoor environments. Feb. 11, 2008
Generic Farm, Inc.. For hotspot owners. Helps hotspot visitors print their documents in a driverless way--without requiring them to install any software. Dec. 12, 2007
Ekahau Site Survey
Ekahau, Inc. WLAN layout planning and troubleshooting tool for wireless IT personnel. Now supports 3-D modeling and "On-Spot Check," for the analysis of WLAN performance at physical problem spots. Nov. 8, 2007
xStack Switches
D-Link Corp. Line of stackable switches (multiple, linked switches can be managed as a single entity). New 10/100 switch has 48 ports, with or without PoE. Aug. 14, 2007
WLAN Expansion
soft Xpansion GmbH & Co.KG. For tracking and securing Wi-Fi hotspots. Jul. 2, 2007
Colubris WLAN
Colubris Networks, Inc. Wireless LAN gear (controllers, access points, peripherals) features central management capabilities. New access point boasts a triple radio (a, b/g, RF scanning) design. Jun. 25, 2007
Azure Communications, Inc. Extends data service from cable plant to any Wi-Fi device. May 3, 2007
Summit WM Series
Extreme Networks, Inc. Wireless switches offer automated configuration and management for up to 200 attached APs and support Gig or Fast Ethernet LAN connectivity. New software provides Call Admission Control and AP traffic load-based roaming. Mar. 19, 2007
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