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PDF Print Control
Traction Software. Take control of how your PDF's print at page level, change trays, etc. Jul. 17, 2009
InfoWeapons Inc. BIND-based DNS platform is delivered on pre-loaded hardware and features dual GUI management interfaces (Web and MMC snap-in). Now IPv6 Forum Gold Certified. Sep. 5, 2008
Remote Print Manager (RPM)
Brooks Internet Software, Inc. TCP/IP LPD (Line Printer Daemon) Print Server for Windows platforms. Jun. 12, 2008
NLnet Labs. Open source caching DNS server and resolver library. Features DNSSEC support. May 20, 2008
IP Watcher
Gear Box Computers. Monitors your public and local IP address and E-mails IP address changes. Apr. 25, 2008
Nominum Foundation ANS/CNS
Nominum, Inc. High-performance, software-based Authoritative and Caching Name Servers for carriers, providers, and now large Enterprises. Run on Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Apr. 9, 2008
VitalQIP Appliance Manager
Alcatel-Lucent. Appliances provide DNS and DHCP services and can be deployed remotely and managed centrally. Available in Standard and hardware-redundant flavors. Feb. 8, 2008
n3k Informatik Ltd. Dedicated DNS and DHCP appliance based platform for the vendor's VitalQIP. Jan. 14, 2008
TCPDUMP for Windows
microOLAP Technologies LTD. Command-line network sniffer for Windows. Oct. 3, 2007
Data Expedition, Inc. High performance transport protocol technology replaces TCP and can be implemented over existing network infrastructures. Both SDKs and packaged products available. New product offering is billed as an alternative to rsync. Aug. 15, 2007
BT INS, Inc. Provides IP address management features to service providers and enterprises; available in both software and appliance flavors. New release to add layer 2 switch discovery. Apr. 17, 2007
IP Country Lookup
SpamButcher. Determine what country an IP address or hostname originates from. Dec. 15, 2006
Maxwell / Mini Maxwell
InterWorking Labs, Inc. Emulators allow networking engineers and developers to test applications and devices using real world traffic with a variety of user-defined conditions. Portable "Mini" model now available. Dec. 8, 2006
Brooks Internet Software, Inc. Allows you to print IPDS jobs from IBM mainframes on Windows PCL printers or (Premium version) save to disk in multiple formats. Standard version now available. Aug. 25, 2006
InterVations, Inc.. Aids network monitoring and diagnosis with E-mail and speech. Feb. 21, 2006
Sniff'em Packet Sniffer
YASC Ltd. Windows-based packet sniffer that captures, monitors and analyzes network traffic, detecting bottlenecks and other network related problems. Dec. 20, 2004
IP Detective Suite / IPD Personal
IP Detective. IP monitoring program that monitors your IP address and reports to you when your IP changes. Available in Suite (with publishing component) and Personal versions. Oct. 18, 2004
Dynu Premium
Dynu Systems Inc. Allows automatic tracking/resolution of dynamic IP addresses. Aug. 6, 2004
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