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wi4 WiMAX
Motorola, Inc. Line of WiMAX gear is targeted to providers and their customers, enabling them to rollout WiMAX-based access networks. New customer premise box features adaptive switching technology. Jan. 8, 2009
Sierra Wireless. Cards are targeted primarily to cellular providers and provide data access to cellular networks from laptops or devices. New cards for HSPA networks boast an eventual 5.76 Mb/sec upload speed (7.2 Mb/sec download). Dec. 18, 2008
Meraki Mesh
Meraki Networks, Inc. Internet sharing system is enabled via wireless mesh technology. New radio is powered by solar and is available with 20 or 40W solar panels. Dec. 4, 2008
Digi Cellular Gateways
Digi International. Line of gateway devices provide wireless connectivity between remote locations over cellular network connections. New routers include built-in ADSL model with failover to cellular or PSTN. Nov. 12, 2008
AvaLAN Wireless Radios
AvaLAN Wireless Inc. Line of wireless Ethernet bridges are optimized especially for longer range over "modest data rates." New models support IP addressing. Nov. 5, 2008
XStream / XTend / XPress
Digi International Inc. Wirelessly extend serial or Ethernet communications. New XTend model Class 1/Division 2 certified for hazardous environments. Aug. 19, 2008
Ekahau RTLS
Ekahau, Inc. Software-based asset location platform functions over existing Wi-Fi networks. Now supports 802.11n. May 30, 2008
Ranger / Rover / WiRanger
Icron Technologies Corp. Products allow for the extension of USB connectivity to distances beyond standard USB cabling limits. New models extend USB up to 100 meters over CAT5 UTP cabling. Apr. 16, 2008
Ceragon Networks Ltd. Wireless bridges--targeted to campus and service provider uses--supporting multiple frequency bands and bandwidth configurations. New models to support 10-500 Mb/sec throughout per radio carrier. Mar. 26, 2008
WiMAX 450/700
Telsima Corp. Broadband wireless access gear for providers operates in sub-1 GHz frequencies. Dec. 13, 2007
Solectek Corp. For the delivery of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless data transmissions across campuses, to subscribers, etc. New "Professional" series features video-specific enhancements for surveillance. Dec. 6, 2007
Wireless USB Hub and Adapter
IOGEAR, Inc. Extension kit allows up to three PCs to access a collection of USB peripheral devices wirelessly (range of up to 30 feet). Sep. 10, 2007
Trimax 4010
Trimax Wireless, Inc. A four-radio, wireless platform for outdoor wireless networks. Aug. 23, 2007
Trimax 2020
Trimax Wireless, Inc. Outdoor wireless router with a dual radio design. Aug. 20, 2007
Motorola, Inc. Single, dual, and quad radio offerings especially for mesh-based wireless deployment in metropolitan areas. New dual radio offering supports choice of unlicensed or licensed (4.9 GHz) coverage. Jul. 25, 2007
2Wire, Inc. Line of residential DSL gateways for service providers include models with integrated ADSL or VDSL modems. New BaseStations to integrate cellular connectivity. Mar. 23, 2007
ArrowSpan, Inc. Mesh-based products support both backhaul and client communications and enable the extension of the wireless network. Both indoor and outdoor models are available. Feb. 22, 2007
XS Series
4G Systems GmbH. Routers, cards, and devices facilitating connectivity to cellular-based Internet services. New router to support 3.2 Mb/sec downlinks over HSDPA. Feb. 9, 2007
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