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SSL-VPN Series
SonicWALL, Inc. Appliances provide SSL protected browser-based network access to remote workers. E-Series now supports recurring endpoint assessments and extended authentication options, among other improvements. Jan. 16, 2009
NCP Secure Enterprise
Network Communications Products Engineering GmbH. Collection of components together facilitate centrally managed remote access through IPSec and SSL based VPN connections. New features include WISPr and multi-certificate support. Nov. 24, 2008
AEP Netilla
AEP Networks. SSL VPN appliance provides encrypted connectivity to servers via application-layer proxy. Now available in a virtual appliance version. Sep. 16, 2008
Fortinet, Inc. Edge appliance provides multiple security functions (anti-virus, firewall, VPN, etc.) in several models for SOHOs to large enterprises. New blades to boast 10 Gbe possibilities. Sep. 15, 2008
Nortel VPN Gateway
Nortel Networks. Appliances support both SSL and IPsec-based VPN connections. New add-on provides a USB-based plug-in for automated access and session clean up. Aug. 28, 2008
WatchGuard SSL 500 / SSL 1000
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. Stand alone VPN offering provides SSL-protected remote access to network applications and resources. Client access is via Web browser or auto-downloaded/updated thin client. Mar. 6, 2008
Cisco ASA 5500 Series
Cisco Systems, Inc. Product family consists of multiple models offering combined firewall protection and VPN connectivity for SMB through large data center deployments. New models scale to 20 Gb/sec firewall throughput (w/jumbo frames). Jan. 22, 2008
ProSafe VPN Firewalls / SSL VPN Concentrators
NETGEAR Inc. Appliances combine firewall, routing (Internet access sharing), and VPN connectivity features for SMBs or branches. New model boasts all Gb ports--including dual WAN ports--and simultaneous SSL and IPSec VPN support. Nov. 29, 2007
SonicWALL PRO Series
SonicWALL, Inc. Line of security appliances include firewall and VPN features, with optional anti-virus, content filtering, and intrusion detection integration available. Now with application firewall and HTTPS scanning. Nov. 28, 2007
LogMeIn, Inc. Application and service allowing users to access and use a PC--and soon a smart phone--from remote locations via Java-enabled Web browsers. Sep. 25, 2007
Bulwark Systems. Firewall, antispam, content filter, bandwidth management, and gateway antivirus. Jun. 8, 2007
Nokia IP Firewalls
Nokia Corp. Firewall/VPN appliances are offered in models suitable for small offices to the enterprise core. New Intrusion Prevention models now available. May 7, 2007
Resilience Corp. High availability VPN and firewall appliances based on Check Point software. New S-Series models are based on Check Point's SecurePlatform O/S. Feb. 7, 2007
Intelligent Application Gateway
Microsoft Corp. Hardware platform combines a Web application firewall with SSL VPN connectivity and policy-based endpoint access controls. Integrated with ISA Server. Feb. 1, 2007
HOB, Inc. Remote access platform features SSL-encryption, authentication, central user management and browser-based connectivity, among others. Jan. 17, 2007
Linksys VPN/Routers
Cisco Systems, Inc. Line of combined gateway router and VPN devices for SOHO or small business deployments. New entries boast SSL VPN or Gigabit connectivity. Jul. 28, 2006
Halon Security Gateways
Halon Security. Security appliances combine VPN (IPSec/PPTP), firewall, and routing features for SMBs or enterprises. Jul. 7, 2006
VPN Firewall Brick
Lucent Technologies. A family of combined VPN/Firewall appliances for small office to data center deployments. Can be centrally managed. New model is targeted to SMEs and features up to 75 Mb/sec 3DES performance. Jun. 9, 2006
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